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odel Rockets are extremely fun to build, paint, and then launch. There are tons of different varieties of model rockets out there, mostly made by Estes. This article reviews 10 of my favorite rockets. Both adults and children enjoy launching these rockets, but it’s important to have adult supervision of children launching these cool rockets.
There are literally 100s of different types of rockets out there at different skill levels and price ranges. Some do not require any construction at all, while others take days to build. Some have pre-cut pieces, others require you to cut the pieces out of plastic yourself. The rockets may also come with different accessories, and there are different types of rockets that have digital cameras and video cameras that document your rocket’s journey.

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The Big Daddy

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This model rocket is probably one of the fattest rockets that I've seen and it runs on Estes E engines in order to reach heights at 900 feet in the air. If you don't want it to fly so high, you can use the lower-powered C11 or D engines as well. Once the rocket reaches its peak height, it will return safely to the earth on its huge 24" parachute. In any case, this one will surely be the life of your next party.

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Estes Converter

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The Estes Converter Flying Rocket Kit is actually 3 rockets in one. The rocket screws together to create 3 different sizes of rocket and can fly up to 750 feet. Since the rocket screws together, this one is easy for novices and those that don't want the hassle of rocket glue.

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Hijax Rocket

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This unique rocket offers a scientific learning opportunity for your children. The rocket includes a large payload capsule that you can put items in to see how the rocket flight affects different types of cargo. With a high altitude flight and a 20 inch long rocket, this one is sure to keep the scientist in everyone entertained for hours.

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50 Model Rocket Projects for the Evil Genius

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While this is a little out of the ordinary for this list, I felt it needed to be included. The book contains several different projects for the model rocketeer and contains parts to build different types of rockets. The differen projects that you can build include a camera rocket, a video camera rocket, a hydrogen rocket (my favorite), a UFO, and may more. These projects start out basic for beginners and become more sophisticated as the book goes on. These could be great for a science project (if approved by the school first, of course!)

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The top 10 rockets described are only a brief representation of what's available in the world of model rocketry. Prices can vary from the $5 to thousands of dollars depending on how complicated you want your rocket to be. Model rockets are very interesting and fun to do and any money spent will be well worth the satisfying feeling of watching your rocket fly high into the air.

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Zentao01's picture

Some great looking rockets!

Some great looking rockets! Thanks for taking the time to put this together