Best Review - Top 10 Liberal Movies That Will Change The Way You Look At The World


hether it’s LGBT fairness or dispute over the Bible being indoctrinated in public institutions, liberal and traditional ideological disagreements are notable. As it happens, this also holds right for filmography. If you’re seeking out liberal films – or those with a particularly liberal information – these ten movies could quite probably change the way you look at the world.

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Top 10

If A Tree Falls.

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Statistics show that right-wing fanatics are the greatest national fear threat in America. As it happens, though, there are more left-wing organizations labeled as rebels — such as the Earth Liberation Front(ELF). The organization, along with several of its branches’ arrests and the actions that resulted are highlighted in the 2011 documentary If A Tree Falls.
The significant dispute has been held over whether those in the group should be labeled as “terrorist” at all. Their charges have only directed on property vandalism in an attempt to stop environmental destruction – no life losses have been assigned to the organization.
In this compelling movie, we get a middle look into the stories of those prepared to risk liberty to protect the environment we live in.

Top 9

John Q.

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Ever since President Obama took the position in 2009, the benefit to affordable healthcare has been at the lead of American governments. The 2002 movie John Q, though, truly make you open our eyes and mind to the disturbing facts of a healthcare policy based on profit.
After seeing his young boy fall due to heart malfunction, John Q. Archibald finds out that his insurance will not include a medically needed heart operation. John Q. is left with the unfortunate choice of seeing his son die or making something radical. This follows in his taking over the clinic at gunpoint until something is resolved to rescue his son’s life.
As police blockade the clinic with the purpose of stopping the standoff, through any means needed, we watch a sad story that looks all too genuine when corporate interests are put above human life.

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When looking for liberal films, it totally makes sense that you would run into Bill Maher. In his 2008 documentary, Religulous, Maher explores the world to get knowledge about religion and all of its complexities. He could have only centered on Christianity, whose holy scriptures were lately shown to be more extreme than the Quran, but he instead reports many beliefs.
The movie takes us into a universe of religious radicals and devout persons who understand little more about the holy book they are studying than they do about Bill Maher. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this movie is an eye and mind-opening reality of what can happen when common sense is totally excluded.

Top 7

American History X.

Opposite the three before suggested movies, American History X doesn’t fundamentally try to portray legislative dialogue in any way. Instead, it presents the life of a young boy growing up in the darkness of his big white supremacist brother, whose role is played by Edward Norton. During following his big sibling, the teenager grows to reject those different than him as well.
All get changed, though, when the big brother spends time in jail for killing and “curbing ” two African-American men. In jail, his hate moderately decreases, and his former buddies don’t take the story well. After being released, his tries to save his younger sibling from the hate he himself inspired could be in vain. It’s a sometimes-violent aspect into how darkness can hurt everything it touches to the earth.

Top 6

Bowling For Columbine.

Any list of liberal films would be half-done without an introduction by Michael Moore. Although not his first movie, Bowling for Columbine surely got Moore the consideration he deserved. The movie offers us a view into American gun history that’s usually hidden from the public eye. Bowling investigated intensively the killings at Columbine High School, but it also helped as a harbinger of everything to come.
Nothing can make you ready for the heart-wrenching points in this film where the drama of simple access to guns comes to light. Whether or not you choose Michael Moore, this movie – rated as one of the excellent documentaries ever – is one you just can't miss.

Top 5

The Exonerated.

This film is a dramatization of some really true and heartbreaking tales. The actors Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon and many other stars showcase persons wrongfully sentenced of crimes to death row. All of the people described in the movie are eventually released, but not before having their careers ruined by a justice system piled against them.
From Robert Earl Hayes, a black guy who served seven years for the killing of a white lady he didn’t kill, to Kerry Max Cook, who did 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit, this movie is a significant dramatization of how broken a justice system can move when representatives have no motivation to fix it.

Top 4

The Life Of David Gale.

If you are on a liberal films binge, The Life of David Gale is an excellent match to The Exonerated. This 2003 drama thriller reveals the tale of David Gale, an anti-death sentence activist who ends up his making his job and now sitting on death row himself for the killing of another activist. Just a few days before he’s placed to be electrocuted, he opens his experiences to a reporter.
It is complicated to get into many details without breaking the movie, but the conclusion of this film is undeniably powerful and interesting. You will not observe it coming, and there is no uncertainty that The Life of David Gale will stay with you for days after watching it.

Top 3

12th And Delaware.

12th and Delaware are two intersecting roads in Fort Pierce, Florida, and the documentary that makes these roads its namesake reveals the story of two rival organizations in the competition for reproductive benefits. On one side of the place is an abortion clinic; the other side is house to a crisis fertilization center where operators and volunteers strive to shame women opening the clinic doors.
Different from the other liberal films suggested, this documentary was available first on HBO, but it previously debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and gained a Peabody Award. This movie presents us the literal and metaphorical intersections that women meet when making one of the hardest choices of their lives. It is an all-too-real examination into the continued fight for a fundamental human right; a fight that we are usually shielded from.

12th and Delaware is available on HBO Go and Culture Unplugged also seems to host the movie.

Top 2


This movie is your rest from the intensity of other liberal documentaries. While it may avoid making any strong political comment, Idiocracy presents us a society where only the most stupid and ignorant people have persevered – albeit in a funny way.
The movie’s basis is that intelligent people tend to have kids out of a sense of engagement. Conversely, ignorant persons continuously go out and get pregnant whenever there’s a brotherhood ball at the University of Alaska (looking at you Bristol).
This happens in a society where the best persons really haven’t been passed on. We are forgotten in what we can only think is a life that began with a Donald Trump-esque figure being chosen. Since experimental researches have proved that Republicans are stupider than liberals, I guess it is reasonable to put this in the “liberal movies” section.

Top 1

The Last Mountain.

Rising in 2000, West Virginia continuously proposed Republican in America’s administrative elections. This inspires a sense of sarcasm when you watch The Last Mountain. The film focuses on the act of blowing up mountaintops to excavate the coal inside of them and the damaging consequences to the citizens that live nearby.

This could quite probably be one of the most spellbind environmental documentaries you will ever watch. It features Robert F. Kennedy Jr struggling with regional activists to prevent the environmentally damaging decimation of the Appalachian Mountains. It is a fight for social equity, environmental protection, and to prove that life is deserving much more than corporate profits.

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