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o you're wandering around the internet and you realise that you're a bisexual, or trans, or just a little gay (there were probably cymbals and pianos playing the Kinsey Scales). What do you do now? Obviously you read about it! And find films to watch! But where do you start? Well, I guess you'll have to find some lists and reviews - and some of the best places to do that are on Squidoo itself.

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A List of the Best Lesbian Novels, Films, Graphic Novels, Anime and Webcomics

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One major downside of the lesbian genre is actually finding good books to read and films to watch! This page compiles a (probably not definitive!) list of romance and fantasy, film, anime, manga, webcomics, and links to sites full of more writing!

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Disney Femslash

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So you're a Disney fan but you just wish that Pocahontas had gone off with Nakoma or Esmeralda paired up with Jasmine? Or that Megara was making Ariel blush, not Hercules? You aren't alone. Many artists, fanfiction writers and film-makers have rewritten Disney for your pleasure!

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What about the Children?

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Of course, you might only be five years old. Or you might have kids that you need to explain life to (or neighbours you can corrupt and indoctrinate). In that case, what you'll need is a pile of fun, colourful, picture books for children, with an overt or covert homsexual agenda!

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Top 10 Lesbian Vampire Movies

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Lesbian vampire movies. You might think the genre is something new, an attempt by studios to cash in on the visibility of gays and lesbians in the media. Actually, lesbian vampires have been around for centuries, starting with the publication of the poem "Christabel" in 1797 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Lesbian vampires first appeared on the silver screen in 1936 with the release of Dracula's Daughter, part of the Universal Studios classic horror franchise.

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From Corsets to Cringing: A Lens of Fine (and not so Fine) Lesbian Films

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Of course, nothing's like a real review from someone who's actually seen the films - this page is coves some honest and ften entertaining reviews of the various Sapphic films available.

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From Corsets to Camping: A Lens of Fine Lesbian Fiction

Written by the same person as the above, an equally handy review of a selection of books.

Top 7

Shades of Gay

Shades of Gay is a self-published but still successful (ha ha ) book from a LGBTQ author. Following the author's friend's struggle, it is a book about the youth who struggle with being LGBTQ.

Top 8

Strangers in Paradise

Strangers in Paradise is the love story of Katchoo - a violent, intelligent, artistic blonde, with a troubled past and future, and Francine - the girl she grew up with, who's sweet and kind, has body image issues, and dreams of Mr. Right and the house with the white picket fence. It's also the story of art galleries and mobs, cancer and babies, death, guns, and school plays. Strangers in Paradise is kick ass, and philosophical, tasteful and sexy. The art is brilliant, and Terry Moore's lines are some of the few that make me want to draw cartoons instead of paintings.

Top 9

Writing Gay Characters

Sure, it's about creating fiction about gay people, not actual finished media, but this page is just as important! Written by lesbian webcomic author Megan Rose Gedris, it's a very useful and entertaining read.

Top 10

Crazy For Her

A short story by Megan Rose Gedris, this is a spin-off gritty detective-slash-smutty-lesbian story, about lesbians. And detectives.

Top 11

The Best Gay Themed Movies

There aren't many quality gay themed movies out there. In fact, there aren't that many gay themed movies even out there. But some jewels have been released and this page reviews the top five.

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HEY! Why are 90% of these about lesbians? (And bis, of course, but I take your meaning - most of these books and movies are about women). Simple. Because that's all that's been reviewed. I've tried to include a variety, but I'm limited by what's actually available!

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