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he first rule to keep protected our iPhone is to try to have the greatest care to avoid dropping it on the ground. Often the most significant damage to the body is due to its "fall" of our cell. "To prevent your phone from scratches would be useful to buy a case for the phone.

The case are intended to be never removed from the iPhone since it does not affect the normal use, the case are therefore recommended for those who, for various reasons, need an accessory that is practical, easy to apply and does not makes it difficult to use the iPhone.

One of the most common questions that new owners of an iPhone arise after purchasing this new device is to assess whether it is preferable to use, and then "dress" your phone with one of the many covers or case available on the market. Better an iPhone "naked", with its impeccable design but obviously at risk, or an iPhone with a case objectively more secure but less exciting from the point of view of aesthetics?

I am a lover of apple products, with the release of 'iPhone5 Apple is scoring record after record sales, I've always bought the case to protect my iPhone from bumps and give a touch of personality close to my mood. For this I gathered this list of 10 sites that collect dozens of incredible funny and stylish case by type, from dinosaurs to giraffes, from cross to skulls, those for children (great gift) those for dog lovers like me.

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Top 1

iPhone5 DOG cute&fun case

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I'm a dogs lover and I was amazed by this website page, I found dozens of fun dog cases.

Top 2

iPhone5 giraffe case

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Giraffes are very funny, these iPhone5 cases too.

Top 3

iPhone5 Cute Owl case

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One of my best website, you can find great real Owl and real cute Owl paint

Top 4

iPhone5 Roar Dinosaur case

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Dinosaurs cases are able to make your phone really unique.

Top 5

iPhone5 Shell case

Sea shell and your iPhone5 becomes a dream of style and tranquility

Top 6

iPhone5 Lovely Turtle case

This site is amazing, real and comics turtle really funny.

Top 9

iPhone5 Kids Case

A large number of kids case gifts

Do you like this top?

In conclusion, I hope that in this list of the top 10 list website you are getting the favorite case for your iPhone5, I've given some also to my grandchildren and friends.

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