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ustralia has it all! From the Spring Racing Carnival, a dazzling display of horse racing, fashion and fun which culminates in the world famous Melbourne Cup, the race that ‘stops a nation’, to the Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments that attract world champions year in, year out. Be spell bound by the color and tradition of mega yachts sailing out of Sydney Harbor in the historic Sydney to Hobart race. Watch high adrenalin pumping action at the Australian Grand Prix as the Formula One teams fight it out around the public roads that make up the picturesque Albert Park race track. Visit Sydney’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks extravaganza and the ever exuberant Mardi Gras. Australia! You can't top it.

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Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival

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You don’t have to know anything about horse racing to love this colorful social tradition, which heralds the return of spring sunshine and warmth to Melbourne. The horse racing along with fashion and fun kicks off in September and doesn’t end until mid-November. On the first Tuesday in November, it’s the the show-stopping Melbourne Cup, the biggest event of the carnival. This is a public holiday for Melbournians, who come together for the good fun experience, live music, champagne and canapés at one of the glamorous soirees
as much as the nation-stopping race at 3.00pm. Celebrated around the world, The Melbourne Cup is undeniably the climax of the Spring Racing Carnival... This is the race that stops the Nation.

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Australia's Grand Slam Summer of Tennis

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The Australian Open is another one of Melbourne's great sporting events. Enjoy January in Australia with a courtside seat and a close-up view of the worlds tennis greats. Australia's Grand Slam, the summer of tennis,

launches in western Australia with Perth's Hopman Cup. This is an invitational mixed competition for eight national teams, each with a male and female contender. Off-court you’ll enjoy a host of live entertainment and the incredible summer lifestyle of Australia’s cities.

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The Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne

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The Australian Grand Prix, which takes over Melbourne’s Albert Park for four days in March, cannot and should not be missed. You’ll hear the characteristic high pitched scream of elite Formula One racing cars at the purpose-built 5.3km lakeside circuit and settle in to watch the world’s fastest drivers compete at speeds of up to 300km an hour in this thrilling first event of the F1 season.

Off-the-track, you can do a lap round the bars, dance out your adrenalin at a music festival or a post-race rock concert, visit one of Melbourne's famed restaurants or enjoy a whole range of other exciting events.

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Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

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For the past 66 years, the Rolex Sydney Hobart has grown to be an icon of Australia’s summer sport. There is not another annual yacht racing event in the world attracts such huge media coverage than does the start on Sydney Harbor. Sometimes perilous, even deadly, the Sydney Hobart is a spectacle that must be seen to be believed.

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Australia's Surfing Events

The surf is always up in Australia, for that it is known around the world. Quality waves crash along Australia’s vast coastlines. The surfing action really heats up between February and April, when Australia hosts the World Qualifying Series at the famous Snapper Rocks. Watch revered surfers ride endless sets at the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast.

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While you're in Australia, you'll acquire an insight into Australian culture, which is founded on the
accepted wisdom of a ‘fair go’ for everyone, the love of the great outdoors and a dry sense of humor.
Browse through these titillating events. It's just a taste of why there's Nothing like Australia.

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