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ou are your habits.

On average over 40% of the activities that people undertake during the course of a normal day come from habits. Both good and bad. From brushing your teeth when you wake up to the morning coffee to the smoke break cigarette, our day is full of our habits, both good and bad.

Due to this fact it makes good sense to highlight our good habits and try to get rid of our bad ones.
Most people who smoke, or drink too much at least realize that they should change their bad habits. Maybe they do it, maybe they don’t. But at least they know.

Many people do not realize how much their habits, good or bad, can invade and color their entire lives.
At work your habits may cause your mind to wander. People may not get the positive rituals they desire, such as exercising daily, because they have not gotten these rituals ingrained by building it into a strong habit.

There are a lot of good habits out there that you may not think about, let’s take a look at a few of the top habits that YOU could easily acquire.

Find Good Habits
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Top 1

Daily Walking

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You do not need to run marathons, triathlons or spend hours in the gym to be fit. Just ensuring that you walk 10,000 steps each and every day will go a long way to being more fit, healthy and active. This in turn leads to all sorts of other benefits, because when you look and feel better the world seems a better place in just about every way imaginable.

This is a key, cornerstone habit that will affect many other habit choices in positive ways.

Top 2

Getting to Bed before Midnight

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It should seem obvious, but getting enough sleep is an important part of getting everything done the next day. This does not mean getting 8 plus hours. For some people 6 hours is enough. But since nothing good happens after midnight, this is a great time to get the sleep you need. If you always sleep at a reasonable hour, rather than howling at the moon once a week, you will be healthier and all other habits will seem easier.

Top 3

Learn Solid Study Habits

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Many people have some degree of trouble learning things because they simply do not know HOW to learn properly. With a few good study habits, your study becomes quicker, easier and pain free.

Top 4

Minimizing Processed Food

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Most of us eat too much bad stuff. I know I have been guilty of this at times. If you make a habit of eating healthier, unprocessed, food and follow the 10,000 step habit from step 1, it will go a long way toward a healthier, happier and fitter you.

Top 5

Reading 30 Minutes of Non-Fiction a day

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Now, I am a guy that loves to read. But I love to read fiction. Non-Fiction sometimes seems like a chore. But reading this minimum of 30 minutes of non-fiction keeps you learning and growing and keeps your mind sharp like the exercise keeps your body sharp.

Top 6

Huge List of Good Habits

Check out this Gi-normous list of 203 positive habits you can build

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If you want to change your habits you can. Just get out there and work at it. One bad habit at a time, until you are a brand new you.

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