Best Review - Top 10 Holiday Anytime Cookie Recipes

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Candy canes just you hang on the tree at holiday time, but in cookie form. They have a fresh wintry mint taste. Easy to make so the kids and Grandkids can help. Maybe make a batch for the class at school. Or give as gifts to work mates. An assortment of easy to make cookies Easy to Make Cookies Candy Cane Cookies Drop Butterscotch Cookies Pecan Pie Cookies Chewy Cherry Cookies Chocolate Cherry Cookies Chocolate Coconut Balls Krispy Caramel Bars Mosit Peanut Butter Cookies Slice and Bake Cookies We all buy those ready made expensive cookie logs in the grocery store. Quick to use, costly and full of preservatives right, but did you know you can make your own with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Store them in the freezer. Ready when you are. Recipe to Make Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk A lot of baking recipes call for the use of sweetened condensed milk. It is expensive. Did you know that making your own is easy?
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mmmm mmmm mmmm!!!! I LOVE

mmmm mmmm mmmm!!!! I LOVE sweets and I may DEF have to try a few of these recipes!!! Thanks so much for sharing these!!! :D