Best Review - Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes in the U.S.


t's interesting to know who are the best paid athletes in the U.S. just to imagine, it's like winning the lottery every year, but a little bit more boring because you have to talk to the media and also travel and get up early for events. Better winning the lottery so you don't owe anything to anybody.
Be sure to click the link for each athlete since you can watch their salary going in their pocket in REAL-TIME! Imagine you get one hour of their salary, nice.. In the case of Tiger Wood one hour is 47140 dollars 62 cents :-)

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Top 10

Dwyane Wade - Basketball - Miami Heat

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He has deals with T-Mobile and Gatorade and others, he won an NBA title and made six All-Star teams, so he is one of the most marketable stars in the NBA for many years. About $28 million..

Top 9

Peyton Manning - Football - Indianapolis Colts

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He is the best quarterback in the NFL. He made TV ads for Sprint and Sony. Big money, $30,8 million exactly.

Top 8

Derek Jeter - Baseball - New York Yankees

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New York is a big financial city, no wonder they pay their athletes good money, especially in the most typical sport game of the U.S. his sponsors are Visa, Gilette and Nike amongst others, not bad, hey? Together he gets $31 million.

Top 7

Kobe Bryant - Basketball - Los Angeles Lakers

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Some like him, some not, but anyway he gets a lot of money by playing good at Basketball. $33 million a year, hard life.

Top 6

Shaquille O'Neal - Basketball - Boston Celtics

He's not as big as he used to be in the sport scene, but he is doing many things and so he is marketable and gets good money too. His total is $36 million.

Top 5

Alex Rodriguez - Baseball - New York Yankees

New York has a lot of money, Alex Rodriguez got the largest contract in the history of Baseball, twice. He doesn't have much sponsors because of some publicized personal issues, but still the sponsorship is about $4 million a year, not bad! The total is $37 million. Good salary.

Top 4

LeBron James - Basketball - Miami Heat

He earns most of his salary from sponsors, because he's quite young, but he has many years in front of him to be paid salaries such as the older NBA stars.. He's nearing $50 million.

Top 3

Floyd Mayweather, Jr - Boxing

With only a quarter of a million dollars in sponsorship, he got all his money from winning boxing matches. $60 million is not bad for a few punches in the head.

Top 2

Phil Mickelson - Golf

Golf is the sport of the rich people, everybody knows that. Not so much because of the tools used to play it, but because of the big areas of land and fresh cut grass needed to play this sport. That costs money. Sponsorship is what gives the most money with prestigious brands such as Rolex, ExxonMobil and Barclays he totals $61.66 million.

Top 1

Tiger Woods - Golf

The marital problems he got last year have frighten some stupid sponsors, but still Tiger Wood has a video game in his name and other serious sponsors who don't care about such silly problem as getting close with women other than his wife. Now she asked for divorce and will get a large amount of money, so nobody is crying for her or him. He get nearly $100 million this year, that's enough to buy tissues to wipe off tears.

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Golf doesn't seem to hard to play and gets a lot of money if you are a champion. But to play golf you need money in the first place because it's not cheap. Otherwise you can play basketball for money, but you need to be tall and black otherwise you won't make it in the top 10. Otherwise you can play baseball or football, but perhaps finally it's better to just keep on earning money online, it's not the same level of money but you get to stay at home and enjoy a nice, quiet life.

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