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abit change can be a tough thing to swing. The Habits we have can be built in and ingrained. Not easy things to shake loose.

While habit change can be hard, it is certainly possible. Here are a list of some articles with some ideas for great habit change and ways to go about getting it done. If you want to change your habits, here are a few ideas on what and how to change them.

Habit CHange Ideas
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Top 1

Drink More Water

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It may seem simple, but drinking more water is a powerful habit change that can have a huge impact on your health. Just check out some of the amazing health benefits from drinking more water. IT can be quite shocking how good this small habit change can actually be.

Top 2

Learn New Skills

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Learning new skills is something that quite a few people desire to do, for a good reason, constant learning is the corner-stone for growth and success. Anyone who wants to improve their life should learn how to learn the skill of learning new skills.

Top 3

Learn how to deal with stress

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Like learning new skills, learning the habits of dealing with stress is an essential key to all forms of future habit acquisition.

Top 4

Build a writing habit

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Building a writing habit is not something that is for everyone, but if you are someone who works online, it can be another of the very important habits you may want to look into.

Top 5

Getting to sleep early

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Yet another core habit. Getting to sleep on time may not seem like MUCH of a habit, but it is one that assists and aids in tons of other challenges and habit changes.

Top 6

Daily Walking Habit

Fitness is a common goal for many people who nay desire to change their habits. There are some great benefits to walking and this guide dhows that plainly as well as giving some great tips for getting out and getting it done.l

Top 7

Minimizing Processed Food Intake

Just like fitness and walking, diet is another of the most common goals for people who want to improve themselves. One of the great ways to do this, rather than extreme diet and exercise is the simple habit of minimizing processed food intake.

Top 8

Reading non-fiction

Reading non-fiction can, even for a few minutes each and every day, be another great addition to a list of positive habits.

Top 9

Creating a morning routine

A strong morning routine is yet another way to not only build a good habit, but to also create a strong base for other habits that can be built upon.

Top 10

Build Keystone Habits

Many of the habits on this list are "Keystone" habits, for good reason-these are the habits that not only are essential, but can actually help you succeed with future habit change. Find out more about some of the essential keystone habits in this blog post.

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Hopefully these links have given you a few simple ideas on ways and means to change some of your bad habits for good ones.

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