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f you love dance movies, then I hope you enjoy this list of great dance movies. These are 10 of the top earning dance movies, being placed 11-20 in the highest grossing dance movies at the box office (according to Box Office Mojo).

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Step Up 2 The Streets

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Step Up 2 The Streets finds a working class girl falling for a rich boy at Maryland School of The Arts, which is an elite dance school. Plenty of street dance and hip-hop to keep you entertained.

Top 2

Shall We Dance

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Shall We Dance is a real dance chick flick, starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon. It's a romantic comedy that has Richard Gere as a bored estate lawyer who spies a beautiful dance instructor, Jennifer Lopez, and it's love at first sight.

Top 3

The Full Monty

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This is one of my all time favorite British comedy classics, with a brilliant dialogue and a great cast. Set in the Yorkshire town of Sheffield, where the unemployment is high and the chance of getting a job is slim to none, a group of workers get together as male strippers, similar to The Chippendales, to entertain the ladies.

Top 4

Step Up 3-D

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This third movie in the Step Up series is set in New York and features a group of break dancers who go up against the best in a contest that will change their lives forever. Yes it's also available in £D.

Top 5

White Nights

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White Nights stars Mikhail Baryshnikov as a Russian ballet dancer who has defected to the west, paired up with tap dancer Gregory Hines. The story line is a little weak, but the dancing and in particular the footwork definitely make up for it.

Top 6

You Got Served

If rap and hip-hop are your thing, you will love this movie. You Got Served is the story of a group of Orange County white boys and their black L.A. competitors in a tough street dance competition.

Top 7


Breakin' features some of the world's best known break dancing superstars, and it's rap, hip-hop and break dancing all the way.

Top 8

All That Jazz

All That Jazz is very much an autobiography of choreographer-turned-director Bob Fosse. The movie has drama as well as comedy, and some terrific numbers from the Musical era.

Top 9

Take The Lead

Starring Antonio Banderas as a dance teacher, Take The Lead sees him set a personal goal to teach the foxtrot and the tango to a group of inner-city high school students who have been put in detention. The story line is a bit weak, but there are some great ballroom dancing scenes that make this a worthwhile addition to your dance movie collection.

Top 10


Honey is a hip-hop dance movie starring Jessica Alba who is hired as a dancer, then becomes a choreographer.

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I hope that this selection includes some of your favorites. Maybe there are some that you haven't seen before as well. The links for each movie have more information, and also provide you with the opportunity to add the DVD to your collection, courtesy of Amazon.

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