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continuing list of the graphic novels I recommend the most highly for various people.These comic books run the range of fantasy, humour, historical, young adult, colour, black and white and mature.

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Digger by Ursula Vernon

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Ursula Vernon is an artist who takes the unusual out the other site - her quirky illustrations (such as the 'lolwut' biting pear) are famous on the internet. Digger is her Discworld-esque, thoughtful, dark webcomic about a wombat who ends up roped into a quest to destroy a living god, and is very practical about it. Much, much better in book format, as its pages move too slowly for a webcomic, this book is entirely black and white inside.

Top 2

Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler

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Schlock Mercenary has terrible art. It is one of the best webcomics around. You should buy this for anyone who likes scifi, mercenaries, humour, big guns, stealing, time travel, and aliens who not only look like a pile of poop, but would eat it too. Full color illustrations that grow strangely in your affections as you read and very ...unique characters.

Top 3

Strangers In Paradise by Terry Moore

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The story of Katchoo, Francine and David is a brilliant graphic novel series. The explosiveness and the gentleness that is Katchoo will capture your heart and her story, and the story of her friends and love, interweaves deftly between art gallery, mafia, high school flashbacks, marriage, loss, jealousy, threesomes, death, and trust. This is an epic series. You can also read a bit more about Strangers in Paradise here:

Top 4

Bone by Jeff Smith

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This is an interesting series, that should suit all ages. The 'Bones' - weird stereotypically bone-shaped creatures - wander into a valley, bump into a dragon, scary monsters and a long-lost princess and generally provide a cute, mundane counterpoint to the bewildering Tolkien epic they find themselves in.

Top 5

Coraline: The Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman

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For older children, young adults and anyone who like's Gaiman's slightly scary take on everything he writes. I got my dad this for his birthday, and it has been reread by both siblings and him several times since then - and is looking a bit battered! Coraline is a little girl who is lonely and imaginative and wanders into the wrong part of the house - where she meets her Other Mother and Other Father.

Top 6

The Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman and Several Illustrators

This is the series that led me to Sandman - a much lighter, more fun read for young adults, this series involves a whole passel of artists and it shows. The Books of Magic begins the story of Timothy Hunter, a normal quiet London boy who slowly gets drawn into the world of magic, elves, danger and deadliness, while coping with family issues, young love and friendship - and is destined to become the most powerful magicians ever known. It also features numerous cameos from various DC characters, such as Zatanna, Doctor Occult, Mister E, the Phantom Stranger - and John Constantine plays the randomly appearing mentor to Timothy.

Top 7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The graphic novel version of the famous television series is collected in seven volumes, plus the eighth season that's still being written. The art doesn't get consistently good until the final season, but we're not buying this for the art. We're buying it for Buffy and the Scoobies. Some of the artwork or the stories are patchy, as they tend to be collaborations with various writers, but the omnibuses are the best way to collect the Buffy comics - they're even organised into chornological order (story wise). And the story is different enough to be worth reading, and to provide new enjoyment - especially the bonus stories! The stories in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus, Volume 1" take place before the show's first season, and the other volumes all deviate from the television and include additional stories.

This is a brilliant gift for a Buffy fan, so-so for anyone else.

Top 8

Serenity, Vol. 1: Those Left Behind [Firefly Graphic Novels]

Unlike the Buffy books, the three (so far) Firefly spin-offs - actually designed to fill in the gaps from the cancelled episodes - are completely worth reading for their own sake. The art is good, the wit is witty, the criminals are criminal and our heroes are... well, the criminals. It is oddly constrained by the fact that it has to keep everyone alive and in the state they were at the beginning of Serenity, but does well enough within those boundaries. The first book is a good bridge/introduction between the Firefly show and the film Serenity, although the later books are better.

Top 9

Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

Another mature book, with plenty of violence and swearing, Preacher is the story of ex-preacher man, Jesse, who's hunting down God to give him a piece of his mind about the state he's let the world get into. And of course, he's accompanied by his hitman girlfriend and Cassidy the irish vampire. It's offensive, it's smart, and while the swearing can get a little thick in places, it is worth reading.

Top 10

Doll by Mitsukazu Mihara

The second manga that I recommend. Doll is for older readers, and has very pretty - and highly stylised - manga-style art with Gothic Lolita designs (big eyes, long legs, very pretty faces on everyone). It's also an intelligent pyschological twister that I rate well above Deathnote.The six Doll books tell the different stories - that gradually and subtly intertwine - of people, scientists and very realistic androids. Twisted little stories about replacements for lost parents, creating the ideal lover, and what it really means to be human that gradually culminate into a macabre and thoughtful anthology. Definitely not for younger readers.

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