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raphic novels - comic books - are one of the greatest inventions in recent history, second only to the Discworld. Pretty pictures, effective colours or graceful lines, quotes and speech bubbles, vivid characters, intriguing story lines and available in the library! From newly published webcomics to gritty classics, such as Watchmen, there's a book here for anyone's taste. They're not actually in any particular order.

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Top 1

Watchmen by Alan Moore

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Any list of graphic novels must include this. A gritty and cynical take on the popular (and often happy and mindless) superhero comics that became popular, Watchmen follows the story of a group of vigilante superheros years after their boom-and-bust fame, and the intricate plot to fix their miserable world. Not for younger readers, this is very definitely a book for adults, and is big enough to take hours reading. And yes, it was the source material of the recent movie.

Top 2

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

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The Sandman series is HUGE - the complete comics collection was recently released in three enormous volumes bigger than my cat. But it's also available in 'normal' sized graphic novels. Gaiman's Sandman opens up a clever, dark, often satirical world that is full of short stories of sad or ordinary or miraculous people, and is connected by the great deeds and brief appearances of the Endless - Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Destruction, Destiny and Delirium.

Top 3

V For Vendetta by Alan Moore

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Another book by Alan Moore, V For Vendetta was recently made into a fantastic film featuring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. Futuristic England is in the grip of fear and dictatorship, and V is the mysterious terrorist who decides to bring back the memory of Guy Fawkes and free England. A very good book, and again, not for kids.

Top 4

Fables by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina

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The Fables books are a very new graphic novel series, `and definitely worth picking up. The books are extremely variable in both length and quality - but skipping any isn't the best idea, as there is a storyline. The first book is probably the least impressive, but later ones definitely make up for it! Fables is the story of story book characters, fairytales and myths - Snow White, Baba Yaga, Bigsby (the Big Bad Wolf), Prince Charming and the frog prince are a few of the most important Fables. They are refugees, fleeing a terrible army, who have established a city in the real world and are trying to get by without being noticed.

Top 5

Elfquest by Wendy and Robert Pini

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The Elfquest books are classics that have only gained in popularity in the 25 years since they began - the story of Cutter and Leetah, the mysterious High Elves and the rough and ready wolf riders is both fantasy, fun and tragedy, wrapped up in some very pretty artwork.

Top 6

A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

I'm a little over this one though but it blew me away when I was younger (~15). The artwork is incredible (it's all in black and white, but it often gets very intricate, and this keeps the price down!)

A Distant Soil is the story of two children with telepathic powers who are rescued/recruited by aliens, in a complicated and desperate game of politics.

Top 7

Lady Snowblood

The only manga I ever loved, fitting neatly into four volumes.The story of an assassin for hire, hunting down the people who destroyed her mother's life, Lady Snowblood is the story Kill Bill was (tentatively) based on. A brilliantly drawn black-and-white manga full of blood and nudity, Lady Snowblood has both plot and character development, and I thoroughly approve of the artwork.

Top 8

Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell

Gunnerkrigg Court is also published online as a webcomic and it is the book I would give to almost anyone. The story of self-possessed Antimoney Carver, who arrives at the mysterious school of Gunnerkrigg Court after hew mother dies, you could tentatively compare it to Harry Potter (and fans of Harry Potter books would definitely enjoy it). But Gunnerkrigg Court is unique, and mysterious, and keeps you guessing constantly without ever frustrating you entirely. And the art is beautiful - it starts off good, then evolves to mindblowing. The book is also very good quality - a small, heavy hardback in full colour. This is one of the books that I buy, and will buy, automatically as each book is released.

Top 9

Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio

A long-running and entertaining webcomic, the story of young Agatha Heterodyne's journey to rescue herself, discover who she really is, and take over the known world (mostly by accident so far), while making loyal friends, engaging in hilarious exchanges, becoming the minion of a cat and finding minions of her own and of course, constantly inventing various mechanisms of Mad Science, is one of the most popular webcomics online. The black and white first book has finally been republished with a better quality publisher and I can now happily send people to buy the series!

Top 10

Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon, Dean and Nathan Hale

I love this book! Admittedly, it's definitely for the 'younger' end of the young adult scale, but the swashbuckling take on the old Rapunzel fairytale is both fun and magnificently illustrated. If you're looking for a Rapunzel Saves The Day book to distract your child from the upcoming Disney movie, Tangled, then this is the book you want. There's no pink in it at all! You can read more about Rapunzel's Revenge here

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I have discussed my criteria for selecting these in more depth at My list of recommendations runs to nearly 30 titles, so I've written Part 2 and Part 3.

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