Best Review - Top 10 Free Dermatology Color Atlas Skin Conditions

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The Free Dermatology Color Atlas is a resource to help you identify skin, hair and nail diseases correctly so that you can seek the right treatment for yourself or your family and friends in a timely manner. To learn more, buy Skin, Hair and Nail Diseases With Pictures by Dr Miriam Kinai from Amazon Psoriasis Symptoms of psoriasis include red patches of skin with a white scale. Tinea versicolor Symptoms of tinea versicolor include salmon color patches or whitish patches with a fine, white scale. Vitiligo Symptoms of vitiligo include white patches on the skin without a scale. Hand eczema Symptoms of hand eczema include itching when the hand comes in contact with the irritating substance. Pyogenic granuloma Symptoms of pyogenic granuloma include a beefy swelling with bleeds easily. Xanthelasma Symptoms of xanthelasma include yellowish swellings on the eyelids. Acne vulgaris Symptoms of acne vulgaris include swellings on the face. Plantar warts Symptoms of plantar warts include rough swellings on the soles of the feet. Traction alopecia Symptoms of alopecia include painless hair loss along the hair line. Onychomycosis Symptoms of onychomycosis include discolored and thickened nails.
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