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iverr is a great concept, here's how to master the basics of fiverr and its many clones. Don't worry the real Fiverr is not a scam. But be aware that many sites out there have tried to repeat Fiverr's success by quickly installing a Fiverr script call a Fiverr clone. In those sites you won't have the choice of gigs that you have on!

Fiverr clone is not a Scam, just a Fiverr script!
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How do I make my gig more successful?

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Here are some simple guidelines that can help improving your gig's performance:

Use an appropriate, high-quality, distinct image. Images must be related to the content of your gig.
Gigs of visual nature (graphics, art, photography, video etc.) must use image of actual work made by the seller.
Add more than one image.
Make your gig's title and description clear.
Fill in the Instructions To Buyer field when creating your gig. This will reduce the time you spend communicating your requirements with your buyers.
Set a realistic delivery date that you can surely meet.

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What are Instructions To Buyer?

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We strongly encourage you to specify 'Instructions To Buyer' in your gigs (you can edit each of your gigs and add this information). These instructions will be presented to your buyers right after they order.

Using 'Instructions To Buyer' has some great benefits:

When using 'Instructions To Buyer', the order is not complete until the buyer submits your required information. This means that you will only get orders that already have the information or files you need in order to get started.
The time taken by the buyer to gather this information is not counted as part of the delivery time. Your order timer will only start counting from the time you get the order, pre-filled with the buyer's info.

Here is an example of Instructions To Buyer:

Please send me:

Portrait photo
Minimum 300Kb size
JPEG format
Your cartoon should be: happy / sad / angry / funny

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How do I get my gig featured?

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Featured gigs and Gift Ideas categories are manually managed by our content editors.

Sellers can draw the attention of our editors by increasing the amount of traffic coming into their gigs, specifically from the outside world. In addition, our editors look for gigs that provide real value, have an appealing look (images, description, user profile completeness etc.) and have earned more than a few positive reviews from buyers.

If your gig is receiving substantial traffic and positive reviews, please forward if to us for Featured consideration.

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How come my orders get accepted automatically?

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This was done due to a recent update we introduced to our order flow. The change reduces communication, time spent and buyer disappointment.

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Why is there a clearing period for my revenues?

As you may know, Fiverr has a 14 day mandatory clearing period for seller revenues. This means that earned funds can only be withdrawn after that time.

The clearing period protects against fraudulent activities, PayPal disputes and chargebacks.

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Why can't I find my gig?

Gigs get posted instantly to the 'Recent' category. All other categories are moderated. Gigs that are genuine, valuable and are not considered spam, jokes, pranks or duplicates may go in. A content moderation pass usually occurs every few hours.

Your gig will appear in relevant search results, regardless of its appearance in the site's categories. New gigs are collected by our search engine every few hours.

Fiverr is moderated in order to remain a clean and safe place for everyone. If you feel a gig your gig deserves being placed in one of our categories and did not make the cut, please let us know.

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How many gigs can I offer in total?

We currently allow a total of up to 20 gigs per account.

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Can I save gigs i like for later?

Sure. Just click the "Save" link located on each gig. Saved gigs will be added to your Stuff I Like page under your profile.

At this point, you cannot "Like" sellers, but only specific gigs.

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I cancelled an order and can't see my $5 back in my PayPal account.

According to our Terms of Service, when an order is cancelled, the funds are returned to your Fiverr account balance. These funds are made available for future purchases on Fiverr.

If decide that you don't want to use Fiverr anymore and have no use of your balance, please contact us and we will issue a refund (according to our Terms of Service).

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How do I contact Fiverr directly?

Can't find what you are looking for? Submit a ticket at the end of this page:

Do you like this top?

I hope those 10 tips have helped you speed up the initial learning curve with Fiverr.

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