Best Review - Top 10 Features of the Kitty Tube- New and Improved


f you are a cat lover with a number of outside cats that would like to adopt you, but for some reason you cannot or do not want to turn them into inside cats, the new and improved Kitty Tube is something you should definitely consider buying. It is probably the best outdoor cat house curretly on the market and it will provide a safe shelter for your outside cats, both from the cold and rain as well as from other animals. It will also put your own mind at rest, as you will stop worrying and feeling guilty about the well-being and safety of your outdoor cats on cold, rainy winter nights. It is a pretty addition to your garden or backyard and cats just love it. Although suspicious by nature, if you follow the included instructions on how to persuade your outdoor cats to use their new outside home, you will be surprised as to how soon they will get used to it. It only took two days and a few drops of rain for my outdoor cats to permanently move into their new Kitty Tube. Included with the Kitty Tube is a comfortable, washable pet bed. On very cold days you might want to add an insulated pet blanket but normally it should not be necessary.

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Best outdoor cat house

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The Kitty Tube is sturdy, easy to assemble, fully weatherproof and provides the best possible shelter for your outdoor cats

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Fully insulated

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The Kitty Tube has a foam-like insulation all over its inner walls, as well as a foam pad under the top cover. The foam like material is smooth and feels nice to touch. It is fully weatherproof, keeping the cold, wind and rain outside, while the inside is warm and snug

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Easy to clean

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The Kitty Tube is really easy to clean. Just lift the top up and wash down the inside with your garden hose. The included ped bed is also fully washable

Top 4


The Kitty Tube has an entrance big enough for cats to use but too small for any other predator like a dog or fox to enter

Top 5

Extra roomy

There is enough room for up to three cats to use the Kitty Tube, provided they are on good terms with one another

Top 6

High quality

Top 7

Made out of 100% recycled plastic

Top 8

Good value for money

Top 9

Life time guarrantee against cracking and fading

Top 10

Cats just LOVE it!

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