Best Review - Top 10 Favourite Red Flowers / Plants For Your Garden


ll gardens need red flowers. A very bold statement; but I have to admit that I find the colour red necessary for a well balanced garden. As the complementary colour for green, and of course any garden will have lots of greens, red will sing out so clearly wherever it is found. other colours have their place but the wonderful contrast of red and green makes my gardeners heart glad.
In this list I intend to name ten of my favourite red flowers. Although there are a couple there because of their foliage.
They are a collection which will ensure some red in my garden through the growing season. I have a few shrubs producing red berries / stems for ensuring red is in the garden during most of the winter.

Red / Pink Rose
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Top 1

Red Rose

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The rose is surely one of the must have shrubs in any garden and what better than a glowing red colour to offset the dark green leaves, a very definite winner for me.

Top 2

Red Tulips

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Not only for Amsterdam. These will give you colour in the early spring, year after year without much effort on your part. What more could you ask?

Top 3

Red Fuchsia

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A delight in hanging baskets, a worthy centre-piece. Masses of multi-hued flowers in the summer and autumn. Just need to remember to water them, unless you are lucky enough to have an automatic system.

Top 4

Red climbing rose

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I have included a climbing rose as distinct from the shrub form because of the lengthy flowering season and its versatility in covering walls and any vertical surfaces.

Top 5

Red Peony

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The flowers may be short lived but they are so generous with their blooms in the early summer

Top 6

Japanese Acer ( Acer Palmatum)

The red foliage on these trees and shrubs will look wonderful anywhere in the garden

Top 7

Red-Hot Pokers

I love these plants and have one or two tucked away in odd corners where their tall flowering stems rise to look over their surroundings

Top 8

Red Pansies

Another staple of my hanging baskets. Multiple hues again for interest, beautiful

Top 9

Red camelia

The dark green shiny leaves of this plant make it a very attractive proposition anyway, but the red flowers will appear in profusion in early summer.

Top 10


Another shrub, this time one on which the new leaves appear bright red before giving way to thier more usual colour and swathes of white flowers.

Do you like this top?

I am sure that you have favourites of your own which could replace a few of the plants here. A list of ten plants cannot include all the wonderful flowers and shrubs that provide red blooms. However, Some the plants in this list must surely be in your top ten.

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