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'm sure we have all seen the Disney princess movies over and over again. we all love them. these are the best Disney princess movies ever made.

Disney princess movies
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who can forget the story of cinderella? this movie have been recreated into several versions so many times that we have all lost's a movie we should all have in our collection.

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Little Mermaid

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Ariel, the cute mermaid. it may be a make believe story but it makes anyone smile.

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.The Princess and the Frog

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the princess in this movie is princess Tiana, this is a movie about love, strength and magic.

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the story of the native American transformation into the new world.

Top 5

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Have you ever heard of snow white? it may not be my favorite but the recent remake of the movie makes it stands out from the rest.

Top 6


the Asian Disney princess. mulan portrays strength of a woman and love. this movie is exceptionally filled with laughter and action for everyone.

Top 7


tangled is my favorite Disney princess movie ever made. i love this movie. it's a rewritten version of the Rapunzel story but this movie just remove the princess out of princess movies.

Top 8


the princess in this movie is Jasmine, it's cute and fun to watch but the main character in the movie is Aladdin.

Top 9

Beauty and the Beast

For the little girls in the house, this movie does not really catch the fancy of adults but it still is one of the best Disney princess movies ever made.

Top 10

Sleeping Beauty

Every one loves the magical story of sleeping beauty..

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we can never get tired of watching these movies

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Advanced Graphics's picture

My daughter's all-time

My daughter's all-time favorite is Snow White. She never tires in watching Snow White over and over again.