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ccording to polls, most Americans believe in the existence of some conspiracy theories, which may explain the launching of ever more conspiracy blogs and websites. Although a Google search will show 15,700,000 results for conspiracy blogs, the list bellow represents my top 10 choices for conspiracy related issues.

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Conspiracy Watch

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Investigating and reporting conspiracies, cover-ups and deceptions of governments, corporations and secret societies, including the New World Order, Illuminati, Freemasons, Militias and the Occult, as well as others.

Top 2

Conspiracy Planet

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Conspiracy Planet subtitles as the Alternative News and History Network, and There's No "Theory" in Criminal Conspiracy, it reports on issues from Political Turmoil to Economic Collapse.

Top 3

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With 217,918 members generating 10,465,452 posts of substance (minimal contributions are not allowed) that cover 649,759 topics in 162 different discussion forums is the Internet's largest and most popular discussion board community dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of "alternative topics" such as conspiracies, UFO's, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics with a diverse mix of users from all over the world.

Top 4

Conspiracy Reality TV

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Conspiracy videos, movies and documentaries exposing the secrecy behind the institutions of global control. Subjects such as the Illuminati New World Order, government conspiracies, secret societies, one world government, suppressed technologies, UFOs, the 9/11 conspiracy, private monetary control and more are revealed within.

Top 5


November of 2010 went public. It is not a fancy, fun site… only informative, to get the word out and let YOU decide where you want to stand. They post and collect videos and articles pertaining to any and all of the conspiracy theories we can find that is out there (our goal is to collect over one million posts). Sometimes the content is not related to what you may think and/or feel it needs to be, but the reality of life is a two sided coin.

Top 6

Escape the Illusion

Conspiracies, cover-ups, science, physics, alternative living and the 2012 phenomenon are some of the main subjects of this great site.

Top 7

Disinformation aggregates tens of thousands of the most shocking, unusual and quirkiest news articles, podcast episodes, and videos on the web, most of which are submitted by the site’s visitors. The site also includes original free content, including the Disinformation Podcasts as well as a deep archive of articles and editorials written in the early days of the site. Whether it’s text, audio or video, if it’s offbeat or unconventional, you’ll probably find it here.

Top 8

Wise Up Journal

Wise Up Journal documents specific pertinent news from credible sources around the world. Together these articles connects the big picture overview of the different problems and ongoing agendas effecting all of our lives. Wise Up Journal also produces it’s own content from news articles to documentaries. Some are considered controversial, however when truth is deemed controversial we’re living in a society entirely controlled by corruption. Understanding some articles might even save your or your children’s lives in one way or more.

Top 9

Infinite Unknown

This site is created to link the political, the economical and the environmental situation of planet earth. It is not about conspiracy, because we are now way beyond the “conspiracy state”. And most conspiracy sites leave out the “earth changes” which are already dramatic and will be even more severe in the future. This site is also not about creating fear, although one could get scared to death reading what I am about to post here. Yet you may have to look all of your fears straight in the eye, if you read these news, but that is the only way to unmask their illusions.

Top 10

Global Political Awakening

There is a new and unique development in human history that is taking place around the world; it is unprecedented in reach and volume, and it is also the greatest threat to all global power structures: the global political awakening.

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John Ghost's picture

Are you interested in

Are you interested in conspiracy theories? Tired of official lies? If you read Spanish, this is your book: Gabri Ródenas´NOAH´S BUNKER (EL BÚNKER DE NOÉ)'s picture

To be 'free', you must first

To be 'free', you must first be free of lies.

In July 1990, a group of Trinidadian Muslim revolutionaries linked to Muammar Gaddafi
staged a coup. They captured the Trinidadian parliament, the prime minister and a radio station.

Their aim was to provide Gaddafi with a launch site for Soviet surface to surface missiles to be fired at the United States mainland. The missile was to be tipped with a nuclear warhead made from uranium sourced from Australian Aboriginal sympathisers after Gaddafi helped fund their land rights campaign in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Gaddafi wanted to punish America for supporting the state of Israel, Gaddafis' mortal enemy.

Gaddafis' agents in Australia included Rashid Robert Pash, a known sympathiser of North Korea, the Citizens' Electoral Council (Lyndon La Rouche), the Australian League of Rights, (an anti-Semitic group), the Church of Scientology, and Nexus magazine editor/owner, Duncan Michael Roads. Roads and his wife Catherine Maria Simons are Scientologists. Roads' English office is run by a former Scientologist and contributor to Executive Intelligence Review
(EIR), the C.E.C. news magazine.

Gaddafi, the Church of Scientology, the North Koreans, the C.E.C., the League of Rights, (right wing), the Australian freedom movement and the Confederate Action Party all have one thing in common.

They want to rid the world of the Jewish people, the state of Israel and the Hebrew religion.


Because Karl Marx wrote a book called:

"A World Without Jews" translated into English by Dagobert Runes. Marx wanted the Jews 'gone'.

Mao Tse Tung told the Dalai Lama: "Religion is poison." Meaning ALL religions are anathema to the intended Communist New World Order. Mao was taking the lead of Karl Marx when he ordered the invasion of Tibet and the suppression of Tibetan Buddhism. The threat is real. Not just to Judaism and Buddhism, but also to all other philosophies and religions including Christianity.

There are two world teams.

Team Blue: The United States and its allies, including Israel.

Team Red: The Soviet Union/Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, socialist Libya, socialist Syria, socialist Iraq under Saddam Hussein, revolutionary Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela and other enemiies of Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Free Speech, Conscience and Truth.

When socialist Libyan dictator Gaddafi invited journalists to Libya in the 1980s, those who accepted his invitation included Duncan Michael Roads of the Church of Scientology, Rashid Robert Pash of New Dawn magazine, people from Simply Living magazine and some from the far Left of the Australian Labor Party and a handfull of Aboriginal Land Rights activists anxious to secure funding for their campaign to regain ownership and sovereignty over their land,
on which, Gaddafi knew, there were deposits of uranium oxide or 'yellow cake' which he could process with his centrifuges and turn into weapons grade uranium with which he intended arming the missile or missiles he intended firing at the United States of America, the main sponsor and protector of his mortal enemy, the state of Israel.

The aim of of all of socialist Libyas' anti Jewish NWO conspiracy myths is to seperate Israel from Team Blue and turn it into a socialist Islamacist revolutionary stronghold
from which they can launch attacks on Middle Eastern oil fields. Shutting down the Western worlds' oil supply would bring Western Christian civilisation to its' knees.

Since the 1980s, Libya, the Scientologists and their hangers on have produced a torrent of anti 'Jewish NWO' material designed to persuade Americans and others on Team Blue to overthrow their governments and stop supporting Israel. We call that a NWO revolution and Treason. The Scientologists are guilty of Treason against the United States of America
and EVERY other Team Blue government.

The goal of Team Red was to install Gaddafi as a 'Caliph' or leader of a New World Order of socialist, Islamacist, revolutionary, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian and anti-democratic governments.

Ronald Reagan said so in the 1980s. Look it up.

Gaddafis' agents bombed a disco in Germany and killed a US serviceman. Gaddafis' agents bombed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie killing Americans and others. Gaddafis' embassy staff in London shot and killed British police woman Yvonne Fletcher. Gaddafi funded the IRA, the PLO, the PFLP, the Red Army Brigades and others who hijacked American passenger planes in the 1970s and 1980s. Gaddafi sold weapons to the FARC revolutionaries in Columbia to aid their cocaine export business to the United States. Gaddafi sponsored, supported and inspired Moro Islamic rebels in the Phillipines, FLNKS rebels in New Caledonia, native North Americans in the United States, the IRA and the British National Party (right wing) in the UK. Gaddafi exported revolution, guns, drugs and anarchy to Team Blue countries everywhere while New Dawn, Nexus and other propagandists attempted to undermine, smear and misguide patriots everywhere that the problem was 'a Jewish NWO' not the Libyan-sponsored 'Communist/socialist/Libyan/revolutionary NWO' it actually is.

The pro-Libyan propagandists
Robert Pash (Pro Libyan/Norh Korean socialist. New Dawn editor).
Duncan Roads (Scientologist).
Joe Vialls (The Strategy newspaper. Chronic fantasist).
Eric Butler (League of Rights).
Ron Owen (Lock,Stock and Barrell).
Tony Pitt (Fight newspaper).
Ian Bruce Bell (Scientologist / Australia First political party).
Citizens' Electoral Council.
Chris Monckton (Climate change denier).
Perry Jewell / Tony Pitt (The Confederate ActioN Party).
Ray Platt (The Strategy newspaper).
David Icke (Chronic fantasist).

The Jewish NWO myth is a lie perpetrated by Gaddafi and other communists to divert your attention away from the Islamacist-origins of the worlds' opium / heroin supply (90% plus comes from Muslim Afghanistan. About 5% comes from the Buddhist 'Golden Triangle'. Look it up). Most of the worlds' cocaine comes from Roman Catholic Columbia, Bolivia and Mexico.

Look it up.

This anti Jewish NWO propaganda suited the Church of Scientology. They have no loyalty to anything or anyone except themselves. These people think they are 'gods'. The rest of us are their, (soon to be), slaves for eternity.

They despise Christianity and hope to destroy it by 'proving' UFOs and aliens exist. that is where the "Alien/Jewish NWO" myth comes from. That is why they made it up. It
suits their plan to install a "Godless" NWO where being a person of any faith is a crime against their "Godless" NWO.

The 'patriotic' Australian and American freedom movements have been fed a steady diet of 'hate your government' conspiracy myths designed to make the communist invasion/takeover simpler because all faith in Team Blue governments will have been white anted away by 'Trojan Horse' double agents and propagandists like Roads, Pash, Peregrine 'Perry' Jewell, Tony Pitt, Mark Koernke and Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh killed 168 Americans including 19 children, He was a 'tool' of worldwide revolutionary forces, not a patriot.

When we turn on each other, our enemies have an easier job of turning the survivors into corpses or slaves. Read 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu and 'The Prince' by Machiavelli.

First the Communists divide us, then they conquer us. There is strength in unity. Be strong
or be dead.

When they control what you think. They control what you do. Turn on your fellow citizens and you become the 'useful tool' of the Communist NWO of Marx, Gaddafi, Pash, Roads and Al-Hassad in Syria. Al-Hassad senior was a big fan of Josef Stalin. Look at what
the son has done to his people and promise yourself you will never do that to your own people. Otherwise, you are just a tool of the Marxist/Stalinist/Scientologist NWO. The REAL NWO.

This is why I hate Nexus.

This is why you should learn to hate Nexus too.

Defend yourself with the truth. Reject the Jewish NWO lies.
If you fail, you will become a "useful tool" of worldwide communism like Timothy McVeigh,
Usama Bin Laden, Pash, Roads, Ron Owen, Jim Saleam, Eric Butler, Perry Jewell and Tony Pitt.

God gave you Reason and Rationality. Use it.

Our enemies are the communists, the socialists, the revolutionary Islamacists who murder American and other Western people on a daily basis in the name of their 'revolution' while these liars tell you "it was the Jewish NWO".


Beware of the enemies within who serve our enemies without.