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hen it comes to College Football in the USA, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are nothing short of a legend, and there are many legendary figures from make the history of Notre Dame Football what it is, like George Gipp ("The Gipper"), Knute Kockne, Frank Leahy and Lou Holtz. If you are a Notre Dame fan, don't miss the Notre Dame Football Schedule so you don't miss a game. Find out more about Notre Dame Football Books.

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Top 1

Greatest Moments In Notre Dame Football History

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This is a MUST BUY for Notre Dame Football fans. Greatest Moments In Notre Dame Football History gives you the background behind those classic Notre Dame football games that made Notre Dame Football the legendary team that it is today.

Top 2

The Gipper: George Gipp, Knute Rockne, and the Dramatic Rise of Notre Dame Football

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George Gipp "The Gipper" was one of those heroes of Notre Dame Football that gave the Fighting Irish the status that they have today. Almost a century later the legend lives on. Who was George Gipp, and what made him one of the biggest names in the history of Notre Dame Football? This classic book about Notre Dame Football reveals the secrets behind the legend.

Top 3

101 Reasons to Love Notre Dame Football

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What makes Notre Dame Football so popular compared to the other teams in the NCAA? The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are one of the most successful college football teams in the NCAA. Learn about the history, the legends, and greatest players and coaches, and moments that gave Notre Dame the legendary status that they have today.

Top 4

100 Things Notre Dame Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

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Notre Dame Football has a legendary history, and this book has everything a Notre Dame fan needs to learn about the legends behind Notre Dame Football, including The Gipper, Knute Rockne, the legend of The Four Horsemen, Ara Parseghian, Joe Montana, the history of the Green Jerseys and more.

Top 5

University of Notre Dame Football Vault (College Vault)

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From it's beginnings playing on a muddy field in South Bend in 1887, the book takes Notre Dame Football fans on a journey through time. The reader will learn about the glory days of the 1920's, the era of George Gipp and Knute Rockne, the building of Notre Dame Stadium, and much more.

Top 6

Loyal Sons: The Story of the Four Horsemen and Notre Dame Football's 1924 Champions

Almost 90 years after the legendary 1924 season which led to Notre Dame winning the National Championship, this is still a big part of Notre Dame football history. Loyal Sons absorbs readers in the personalities that contributed to this memorable season.

Top 7

Then Ara Said to Joe: The Best Notre Dame Football Stories Ever Told with CD (Best Sports Stories Ever Told)

"Then Ara Said to Joe..." explores this entity in a way that has never been done before. This book does not merely scratch the surface, recounting the same old stories that have been repeated time and again. "Then Ara Said to Joe..." delves deep into the little-known stories and the behind-the-scenes conversations of the last 90 years of Fighting Irish football.

Top 8

Perfect Rivals: Notre Dame, Miami, and the Battle for the Soul of College Football

Filled with you-are-there depictions of game action and insights drawn from Carroll’s unfettered access to many of the major figures involved, Perfect Rivals is a vivid re-creation of one of the most entertaining eras in the history of college football.

Top 9

Iron Desire: The Legacy of Notre Dame Football Coach Frank Leahy

Read the story of legendary Notre Dame Football coach Frank Leahy, from his career as a player under Knute Rockne, through his time as coach, and the legacy that he left behind.

Top 10

For Notre Dame Fans Only: The New Saturday Bible

This is a truly entertaining book for any Notre Dame football fan, and opens to the reader some of the secrets and stories that lie behind The Fighting Irish football team.

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Whether you are a huge Notre Dame Football fan or you know someone else who is, when choosing a gift you can't go far wrong with a book about Notre Dame Football. "GO IRISH!".

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