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Mayan Calendar Apocalypse 2012 Predictions
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Tatoos for Girls - A Fashion Statement

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What's behind the explosion of the number of young ladies sporting Tattoos these days. Is it safe or has the technology behind temporary tattoos improved markedly?

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How to Fast Safely and Live Longer

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Information, advice and a plan for three types of fast that are safe, provide great benefits and make you more healthy. Fasting does not mean going without food and only drinking water. That is ignorance, not fasting. Get details here and live lighter.

Top 3

Confused Parents Guide to Emo

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If you have kids that tell you they are Emo, don't panic Get details here on what that means. You may be quite surprised at what Emo really means.

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Review of the Reviews of Chevy Volt Automobile

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Some people are all charged up about the Chevy Volt while others cannot seem to hold a charge when it comes to enthusiasm for this new hybrid electric vehicle from Chevy.

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Review - Happy Wheels Craze

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Parents need to look at this review of the hottest came online or in Smart phones at this time. According to this reviewer this game should not be called Happy Wheels, it should be called Horror Wheels.

Top 6

Using and iPhone4s for Auto Navigation - Does it do the Job

The iPhone4s certainly does a lot of Jobs, but improving your motorist experience helping with auto navigation is not one of them that it does efficiently. If only we could get the Android operating system into the iPhone package.

Top 7

Mayan Calendar Apocalypse 2012 Predictions

Should be we worried about 2012 predictions from the Mayan Apocalypse Calendar? Some say yes, some say no. Here is some new information to help you make up your own mind.

Top 8

Will Amazon Kindle Books End Buying Textbooks at Bookstores

Some big stores are going out of business already, e.g. Borders. They blame Amazon and the Kindle eBook phenomenon. Do you think Amazon Kindle Books will be the end to students buying textbooks at the school bookstore or at the mall?

Top 9

Divali Festival of Lights for Three Religious Sects

Info on what Divali / Devali / Deepawali is, to whom and for what reason is this, arguably, the most popular holiday of all in India.

Top 10

When is the End of Daylight Savings Time

When is the end, what do you do, how do you remember for the next occurrence. The answer is in the result of what happens if you forget. Get it?

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Hey, nice collection. I've

Hey, nice collection. I've just read the article about the Mayan calendar, it was interesting! And it was more interesting, that the Mayan civilization, which lasted from AD 300 to AD 900 had been conquered by the Spaniards, 500 years before Colombus. :)