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riends and loved ones hold a very special spot in our hearts. So when birthdays roll around you want to express your affection by giving the person a nice card and thoughtful birthday gift. Depending upon various factors, choosing the right gift can be a cinch or a tough task indeed. There are quite a few things that need to be considered when selecting the ideal birthday present. Check out the great gift guides below featuring top 10 birthday gifts for just about everybody on your shopping list.

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Birthday Gift Ideas

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When it comes to finding the perfect birthday present, one size definitely does not fit all. Depending upon who you are shopping for whether it's a kid, friend, spouse or family member can greatly effect your choice of birthday gifts. So instead of trying to cram everything onto one webpage we have branched out to cover a wide variety of interests and this is our main hub page featuring quick links to all of our birthday gift guides.

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Top Best 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

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What an exciting time! The little bundle of joy is about to celebrate the very 1st of many more birthday's, and you are shopping for a nice bay gift, with a fun theme that will make his/her first birthday extra special. Well, below is a link to some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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Sweet 16 Birthday Gifts

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The sixteenth birthday is truly a special one for both girls and boys alike, after all you only turn sweet 16 once! Therefore a party complete with gifts for the person turning 16 years old is a must and a big part of the celebration is centered around the birthday presents. One thing is for sure, this age is a time when there's plenty of peer pressure to pick out a cool sweet 16th birthday gift, so you don't want to come up with something lame, so scope out our gift guide featuring the Top 10 Gifts for the sweet sixteens birthday.

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18th Birthday Presents

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The 18th birthday is a really big deal in Europe where they are allowed to purchase beer, wine and alcohol when they turn the age of 18. Yet, even though the poor young adults of the USA must wait till the ripe old age of 21 for this privilege (thank Ronald Reagan for that) there is still cause to celebrate after all now the birthday boy/girl can jump out of a plane without the need of a permission slip from mommy or daddy. Plus, now they can buy those ever so delightful cancer sticks and be drafted.

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Birthday Gifts for 21st Birthday

This is one of those big milestone birthdays particularly in the good ole USA where one must be 21 years of age to purchase any type of alcoholic beverages including beer and wine. For that reason gifts that feature a beer, whiskey or wine theme are awfully popular presents for the 21st birthday. If your on the hunt for cool gifts, stop by this popular gift guide for ideas.

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30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning thirty is a huge milestone. Some people on the verge of transitioning from their youthful days in their twenties handle it well and some don't, but one thing's for sure this is a great opportunity to have a birthday party complete with funny gifts that highlight and possibly poke a little fun at the birthday parties guest of honor.

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Birthday Presents for 40th Celebration

Lookout, somebody you know is turning 40 years old! That's a big milestone and now one must be thinking mid-life crisis type of gifts, which means it's time to dust off that bucket list from your thirties and start checking off those experiences before the chance to participate slips away and you become a member of the over the hill gang. You'll find experience gifts plus plenty of regular birthday presents at or popular gift guide on Squidoo.

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50th Birthday Gifts

Some of the fabulous ideas that go over well as 50th birthday gifts are given below to help you out regarding what to present him/her in their golden year.

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Nice Birthday Gifts on Pinterest

This is one of the best collections of gifts I've ever seen. If you enjoy shopping by personality type you'll simply adore this birthday gift guide on Pinterest which features a huge selection of gift ideas for a wide variety of lifestyles all on one easy shop webpage, stop by and see why it's so popular...

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more Birthday Presents

Gift shopping for birthday presents? We've got you covered! Here are more wonderful birthday gift ideas for friends and loved ones. There's a little something for everybody, so we sure hope you'll stop by and check out all the great gift ideas.

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