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ast food is one of the biggest moneymakers in the world and is probably responsible for some of the world's most common ailments - obesity and diabetes. Typical fast food items like burgers and kebabs contain large amounts of saturated fats. Our lifestyle has led some people to believe that they can survive on this junk. They should think again.

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With a massive 24 Billion dollar revenue, there is no other food chain to get anywhere near McDonalds. Despite efforts to clean up their image and improve the healthiness of their food, it is still one of the worst things you could ever choose to eat.

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This is really the only chain in the top 10 to escape the unhealthy label and the only one I would willingly visit. There is a great choice of fresh salads and protein choices to go in your lunchtime sandwich. But watch the mayonnaise mixtures.

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Burger King

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Essentially a McDonalds clone. In my personal opinion, the food choices are a bit better but still a lot of fat in there and sugar overloads in giant fizzy drinks. A once a week treat maybe - if you really have to.

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Essentially a US chain without a notable presence in the UK - in fact I don't know of a single outlet. So can't really say anything.

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How Starbucks got to be No.1 coffee chain confounds me. Weak dishwater coffee and a poor selection of food. Sorry no thanks. Caffe Nero beats them by a country mile in all respects.

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Taco Bell

Mexican food has got a great following in the UK which makes me wonder why the Taco Bell chain has not invaded our shores. I'd try it.

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Dunkin Donuts

Espoused by Tesco who have stands in most of their big stores, this is one to keep your children away from if they go hyper with too much sugar. Fat laden donuts with a selection of sickly toppings. Bad snack rating *****

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Pizza Hut

The person who invented pizza must turn in his grave every time a customer walks into Pizza Hut. Along with things that should never be atop a pizza there is the insult of the stuffed crust. A fatfest of greasy meats and manufactured cheese analog. Best thing about Pizza Hut is the unlimited salad bar.

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Don't get me wrong, I love southern fried chicken but I want the chicken to have lived a decent life. I remain very distrustful of KFC's standards. Judge for yourself.

Top 10

Sonic DriveIn

Another US chain with no UK presence I know of. I would welcome a chance to visit this chain, they seem to be working towards more healthy fast food.

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The occasional fast food meal will not hurt anyone. In some countries in the world, street food can be nutritious and healthy - think places like Vietnam and Thailand where fresh ingredients are cooked right in front of you. However, if you can point to 3 or more days in the week on which your main meal came from one of the listed outlets, then your health is most definitely at risk.

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