ll too many times we participate in activities in our cars that highly contributes to the potential of causing an accident. There again, many of us forget those practices that we should perform in our cars that make for safe driving and manouvers which not only lead to accidents, but often times serious injury or death.

Don't let this be you and your car!
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In being the safest driver that you can be, and protecting yourself and others from serious injury and/or death, you should always drive defensively and be on the highest level of alertness at all times. They say being sleepy behind the wheel is as bad, if not worse, than being intoxicated. So, if you're tired and nodding off behind the wheel, stop, get out and walk around for fifteen minutes or more, drink some coffee, and splash your face with cold water. Even better, pull over and take a fifteen to thirty minute nap in a safe place.

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Use Your Rear View Mirror

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Contrary to popular belief, your rear view mirror was not placed in your car to check out your hairstyle, put on your makeup, or check your face out! Your rear view mirror is there to evaluate what's going on behind you traffic wise and to be used each and every time you are trying to manouver your vehicle into another lane.

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Use Your Sideview Mirrors

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Before making any manouver in your car, not only should you use your rear view mirror, but, also, you should look in both of your sideview mirrors on the external part of your car depending in which direction you choose to go.

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Turn Your Head to Look

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Because we all have blind spots where certain parts of the area surrounding our car are not visible if we only use our rear view and side mirrors, before manouvering your vehicle, turn your head and look.

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Keep Your Back Window Clear of Clutter!

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I can't tell you how many times I cringe when I see a car with the back window loaded up with teddy bears, stuffed animals, and other unneccesary junk! The back window and the ledge there before it should be kept clear at all times to prevent from distraction and interfering with your all around vision.

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Let Driving be Your Only Activity!

Again, all too many times, while driving on the beltline, I see people driving along side of me reading the newspaper, putting on make-up, drinking coffee and eating breakfast! When you are driving, that should be your only focus.

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No DUI's

It is not only illegal to drink and drive, or be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, it is highly dangerous not only to the driver, but, also, to others on the road to. It is always so tragic when anyone gets killed on the road, but, especially, when the victim is killed by an intoxicated driver.

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Dont' Follow too Close

The rule of thumb is that if you can plainly read the license plate of the car infront of you then you are following too closely. There should be three seconds minimum between you and the car infront of you, i.e., "One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand." Remember, if you rear end someone the law is going to consider it your fault where you were following too closely and couldn't stop in time to avoid an MVA.

Top 9

No Cell Phone Use

Research has shown that people who talk on the phone or text message while driving are far more likely to have car wrecks than those people who don't. Let the phone ring and go to voicemail or pull over if it's someone you are familiar with and/or it's that urgent,

Top 10

Good Use of Your Turn Signals

Use of turn signals is not an option, it's mandatory. Also, it's no good putting on your turn signal as you're about to drive around the corner where you are going. This will cause the car behind you, especially if they're following too close, to have to slam on their breaks or you will get rear ended. The rule of thumb is, "There's the sign, now's the time," and turn on your signals indicating you are going to turn right then.

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In order to be the most safest driver that you possibly can be, it is vital that you adhere to these suggestions when driving to not only protecting yourself from injury or death, but others that share the highways with you also.

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