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cne can be the worst problem that young girls and boys would face off , and what's best than beauty shiny natural skin ! , so these are the best 10 ways to get rid of it and to protect our selves form it , and these ways will Solve the problem from its roots and even before it shows up , and it's not only for one kind of skins ! No because any skin type will match what I'm going to show u , so here you are the best 10 ways to get rid of it and to have shiny skin :)

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Medical Soap

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The best way to get rid of acne is to use a medical soap because any other soap will have oils that we have to Avoide of and any medical soap will be ukai and the most carefully one is Sulfate soap

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What's is best than cleaning your face with steam ! Steam will help you to clean your skin and open it's Pores then you can use the medical soup and you can do this bath steam twice a week * heat the water till it boil then put it in any deep dish then put your face on the top of the dish and Cover your face with a towel and leave it on 10 minutes

Top 3

Natural Masks

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Now the most thing is to stay away from any chemical things so these are the best natural masks to do
1- Lemon and honey mask
2- Olive oil and sugar
3- lemon and sugar
4- Yeast and milk
And you can just use lemon on your skin and if your skin is so Sensitive you can mix it with some water

Top 4


This medicine is the best one because it makes your skin 12% less oil in case you use it will
, use it when u wake up and before sleeping

Top 5

No touching

Never to touch you acne or be hard with it because it make it worst not more

Top 6

No heat water

You have to wash your face with only cold water all the time and this so important to your skin

Top 7

The mouth

Your mouth clean is so important so that it have many of Germs that can be bad to your face

Top 8

Clean your bed

Your bed clean is so important because when you're sleeping your skin is breathing so make it breathe in clean area

Top 9

Less makeup

If you have acne already so don't use makeup at all till you get rid of it , if you don't but you're in age accept it so use a good kind of makeup and wash your face with cold water before using it and remove it with a good way and never to sleep and your makeup on

Top 10

Face hair

Face hair nobody can see it so don't try to shave it with any way

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