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Art Trading Cards have become an art format (2.5X3.5 inch) which is found everywhere on the web. ATC's which are traded or ACEO's which are sold, are otherwise identical. The format is a miniature art form which is 2.5 X 3.5 inches, which is similar to the trading cards which are so ubiquitous these days.
Artist trading cards can be created in any media or indeed in mixed media; but which are the most popular media? From my long experience with creating, selling, buying and trading cards, I have attempted to answer the question.

They are a popular way of creating fun and inexpensive art. I describe 1001 methods of making artist trading cards on my Squidoo page making Artist Trading Cards.

watercolour art
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Pencils / Watercolour Pencils

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A very popular media for artists at all skill levels. The small size of artist trading cards make this a very effective media for creating them. I especially like the small format since I love to sketch and the size is just right for me.

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A very popular media for leisure artists and professional alike. Watercolour is an easy to use media and can provide stunning results. The backing used for this media is usually a 300lb paper, which is thick enough at this size to be quite stable. Other media using cartidge paper, etc, may need to be bonded to a stiff backing card.

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Rubber Stamping and Similar Techniques

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An increasingly popular technique. It is possible to buy very effective stamps from many art/craft suppliers and to use these to create wonderful works of art. There are a number of techniques which if learnt and used properly, can increase the effectiveness of simply stamping.

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Collage - Papercrafting

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An easy to use technique which can provide stunning results. Increasing numbers of professional artists will use this media for fine art work. It is often used with other media wwhere it will be referred to as mixed media.

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Oil Or Acrylic Paint

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Popular techniques mirroring the popularity of these media in other art forms. Again, if buying, check the thgickness of the ground used for this media. A useful form is the canvass textured papers sold by art stores.

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Collage - Mixed Media

This provides more scope than simple collage, as any media at all can be utilised. Paint, crayons, stamping, what ever gives the effect that you as an artist are looking for.

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Many different ways of creating art cards especially Zentangling which is a sot of formalised doodlling. More and more colour is being used in this art form.

Top 8

Digital Techniques

Becoming more popular as the use of the software becomes more popular. Some artists will print out a digital work and then add to it by hand to make each copy a unique and original work. Again, if you are buying make sure you are happy about the technique used.

Top 9

Encaustic Art

In other words painting with hot wax. Can provide startling results. One of the few media that I have not tried myself but one of these days ...........

Top 10

Charcoal / Graphite

This simple media cannot be forgotten in a list such as this. Again this can provide very effective results for artists of all calibres. Simple, and not so simple, sketches and drawings on a rough paper can be very effective.

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Whichever method (media) you use for creating artist trading cards, have fun. Beware however because making these little treasures can be very addictive, especially if you start trading or selling them.

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