Best Review - Top 10 Best James Bond Movies Ever

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James Bond movies are still one of the best agent movies, enough old but still many people love it and keep watching them. There will be soon new film of James Bond named "Bond 23" which will be released in 2012. Right now we have top 6 best movies of James Bond for the fans. Goldfinger Goldfinger is spy film of James Bond series, directed by Guy Hamilton and produced by Harry & Albert. Film was released on September 17, 1964 and done great in box office. Casino Royale Casino Royale was released in 2006 and was one of the biggest success film of James Bond series. Film was directed by Martin Campbell, Daniel Craig played the lead role of agent in this movie, and this film is just too great must watch movie. From Russia with Love From Russia with Love was great movie of James Bond series released on October 10, 1963. Golden Eye Dr. No Thunderball Die Another Day The Spy Who Loved Me You Only Live Twice Tomorrow Never Dies
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Is there a bad one? They are

Is there a bad one? They are all great!