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urely everyone wants to go as a child and put to watch animated films with very simple joy and happiness, it is a real mysterious world and very attractive to the guys that children, age is not important in these funny moments indeed through these films we can forget all our usual things that give me discomfort in our lives and load with potential energy that is joy. Joy is a welcome virtue in our daily lives that we can not ignore it otherwise it will be nightmare; that allows us to express our action so much easier. We can also see through these films that the world is not very complicated as we think but very pleasant and peaceful as always happens at the end of the film that good win evil. Now let's dive a little in this strange world.

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The Snow Queen 3

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After that each of the Kai became Gereida seniors and mature than Adechlhma a new phase in college, and this time both cause a global catastrophe may have dire consequences.

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Ozzy Hound pet, peaceful, turn his life when Martin's family decides to go out in a long, long trip to Japan, where he is not allowed dogs allowed, and decide checked into the resort for dogs called (Blue Creek), but this resort is not as it appears to him and turns into a real prison for Ozzy.

Top 3

Sheep & Walves

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In distant lands, and in a small village located in the verdant lawns, lives a group of lambs that live free of mind, but this is their convenient method because a pack of wolves solutions and camping near them, and trying to Gray wolf that accounts for driving a herd of wolves and trying to prove himself, would receive magical drink from one of the witches in the forest, to turn on its impact to the ram.

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The film revolves around a group of friendly and beloved dolls that used to play in the surrounding areas, and one day show Albrzin group that occupied the hill where they live, which enters Bobby started happier than those living in the hill in the adventure in order to save her friends.

Top 5


Revolves around the events of the film "Moana and Ayalki" intense enthusiasm and only daughter of the sailors to the commander of a group of navigators, when they become a family in need of help, Moana decide to go out on an epic journey which faces lingering spirits and gods.

Top 6

One Piece Film Gold

About the Pirates take a straw hat "Tesoro plating" one of the richest men in the world.

Top 7


Storks stop children that were connected to their main task, and now are delivering parcels to the global Internet giant (Jr.) large storks connectors are on the verge of being promoted while coincidentally the revitalization of the child's manufacturing machine, to produce amazing girl and unauthorized categorically; prevent him to get promoted, here is (Jr.) and his friend (Tulip), the only human in Mount storks an awesome trip to address the matter.

Top 8


Owns koalas (Buster Moon) theater passes him a hard time and significant financial crisis that could threaten its closure, but he is determined to bring life to the theater again in any way, and become in front of him one last chance, which is heading to organize a big musical contest inside the theater to attract the attention and interest of the public theater of the new.

Top 9

The Secret Life Of Pets

In one of the apartments area (Manhattan), turn life (Max) tamed dog upside down after they bring accompanied by a dog hybrid named (Duke), and which compelled to put their differences aside, when they discover that there is a rabbit named (Snow Paul), builds an army of animals discarded, in order to take revenge on all the animals that have a happy life in comfortable homes.

Top 10

Kubo & The Two Strings

The story in ancient times experienced by Japan, Kubo surely live quiet dreamy in his village so close to the old spirit of the cause change his life forever, opens with this spirit Old era of wars and battles also bring the wrath of the gods and monsters are all on Kubo, and therefore escape from all of these challenges and the search for a magic vintage suit was worn by his late father in order to save him.

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I hope for all young people and children to look with much joy and happiness these beautiful movies.

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