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ello everyone, my name is Varsha and I am writing this post to promote my brother’s blog Topszine. In this post, I will be revealing top 10 most popular posts on his blog Topszine. These days everyone is looking for brand new laptop whether it is professional worker, graphics designer, college students, employee or even parents for their kids. So in case you’re about to buy a laptop for yourself and any of your loved one then this article is most definitely going to help you to choose the best laptop. Anyways, let’s cut the intro and get started with the best posts about laptops in 2016.

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Top 1

Best Budget Laptops under $250

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Those days are gone when we used to admire P4, AMD and Dual-Core processors, now is the time for i5 and i7 processors. Since i7 processor is the newest and best in the market we have made a post about laptops with i7 chipset. So in case you are looking for a top notch laptop under $250 then check the actual post and I am sure you’ll definitely find plenty of great computers.

Top 2

Best Budget Touch Screen Laptops in 2016

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In case you are a parent of a smart child then you surely known your responsibilities and you might be willing to buy a laptop for your kids. Well, if that’s the case then this post of best budget touch screen laptops of 2016 will surely come handy and actually you’re going to love it since all the laptops listed there are pretty much affordable and nearly perfect for kids.

Top 3

Best Budget Laptops of 2016

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Yeah, those days are gone too when only rich guys used to roam with laptops, now is the time for best budget laptops which can also be pretty much affordable. These kinds of laptops are so flexible and portable due to their slimness and solidness and many top laptops brands have started manufacturing them in large quantities. So in case you think they are pretty expensive right now, then don’t worry they are about to become common very soon.

Top 4

Best Battery Life Laptops of 2016

Honestly, my favorite post and well yeah that too because I am a girl. Girls simply love pink color and only god knows the reason behind it. In this post we have listed almost all best battery life laptops from many best brands of laptops and obviously my favorite is the Apple MacBook Pro since it has its own greatness. Anyways, back to point, if you are a women/girl or looking for a laptop that you love then you surely might want to get a pink laptop for her. You can check out best battery life laptops in the actual post.

Top 5

Best Laptops for College Students

These days almost every student is in the need of laptop, doesn’t matters if he/she has books or not, but laptop and tablet is mandatory. And honestly, I think that’s a good step taken by most of universities because it makes so easy for students to learn new stuff plus enjoy in their free time. Anyways, if you are looking for a laptop that’ll last for more than 3 years for your college or studies then you surely want to check this post of best laptops for college students in 2016. Most of them might be little expensive but trust me, those $400-500 laptops don’t last long for colleges.

Top 6

Best Rated Laptops to Buy

Writing this post took a lot much longer than my regular posts since I had to do so much research about ratings by experts on laptops. There are many top laptops websites like,, CNET reviews and lot more. They actually test the laptop and give them rating so in this post I have listed the best rated laptops that you can buy for a decent price.

Top 7

Best Laptops under $300

There are also people who want to buy laptops for real cheap price. And well, these days you can get a new laptop for just $300. Yeah, that might come little surprising but you’ve read that right. Recently I created a post where I listed top 10 best and new laptops that you can actually buy from online stores. It might be little difficult to buy them from local stores since they charge few extra taxes and their service charge. So my advice for people looking for cheap laptop is definitely to buy them online.

Top 8

Best Gaming Laptops of 2016

Well, definitely my favorite post since I am a huge gaming freak. Been playing HD games for more than a decade now and have experienced a lot of them. In this post of best gaming laptops I have listed many top laptops for gamers that you can actually buy for a decent price. And don’t worry, before ranking them I have considered their specs, design, weight and price. So overall, you don’t have to research anymore about laptop for playing games.

Top 9

Best Laptops under $400 in 2016

Just now I wrote about best laptops you could get under $300 and in case you budget is little bit higher than that then you surely want to check out this post of laptops under $400. Best brands to crack for $400 would definitely be the decent brands like ASUS, Acer, Dell, etc. and you don’t really want to think about Sony, Lenovo or Apple. And of course these laptops are way better than those small netbooks that you could get for $300 and also you can rely on these types of laptops.

Top 10

Best Gaming Notebooks under $1500 in 2016

Yeah, these days you could get a laptop and tablet in a single device. Those days are gone when we had to buy tablet and laptop separately and you can have them both in one. Special thanks to Microsoft Windows 8 for developing an operating system for these kinds of devices. But these devices are not huge like 15-17 inches laptops but most of them are only 10-13 inches and don’t worry about their specs, they are way better than regular laptops. Check out the best gaming notebooks under $1500 of 2016.

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