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or everyone who likes to watch action movies, offers you the most beautiful 10 action movies in 2016, then you can watch them on-line with high quality through the link i put in front of each of the top without losing time and struggle to look for a movie to watch on-line. Each film contains a very interesting and adventurous story that makes you curious to watch it so pleasant and not obligatory to spend your free time with fun and change your daily day to feel much better than before, because each of us in some moments he needs to make a funny thing how to read a story or listen to music to be able to change his day repeated and keep it nice and simple enough.

Full on-line action movies in 2016
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Top 1

Assassin's Creed

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Through waves of technology revolution, which opened the way for genetic memories and made their way to her, Cal Lynch (Michael Fassbinder) testing the adventures of his grandfather (Aguilar) during the fifteenth century in Spain, only to discover Cal through his experience that he hails from the layers of a mysterious secret society, their knowledge and abilities are incredible, and serves as a powerful force not deter our time now.

Top 2

Never go back

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After returning to his unit, he finds Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise), the same accusing without guilt in the murder of a young man at sixteen years old, and becomes a fugitive from justice in the eyes of everyone, Jack tries to vindicates his name by revealing a major government conspiracy, and during each Jack discovers that a secret from the past may alter his life forever.

Top 3

A Monster Calls

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Takes place film "Call Beast" Conor suffers constantly in school and at home, where he used Conor to bully his schoolmates him and pity others it, and with a mother was sick at home, in order to overcome his feelings of guilt, anger and confrontation of the assault him from his peers, but he is facing the biggest problem is the ability to tell the truth and to recognize the problems, here are highlights monster disguised in the form of a tree and becomes his friend.

Top 4

Warriors Gate

The film revolves around a teenager magically moves to China, and there learns how to turn his skills in the video game skills by Jim to give it a real warrior kung fu.

Top 5


A man is training his daughters to enter the world of professional wrestling to finally compete on a global Olympics and make a lot of efforts in achieving this.

Top 6

Day of reckoning

Within the framework of the Action, where there is a summary of the story of the film 15 years ago entered the evil creatures of the underworld us down to the ground with their attempt to wipe out the human race on Memorial Day for survivors of the Holocaust on the altar must warriors humans Union to fight the forces of darkness.

Top 7

Doctor strange

After becoming his career on the line and the car accident ended tragically, have surgeon genius and arrogant Dr.Stephen Strange Benedict new chance at life when he begins to learn the secrets hidden world of magic and alternative-dimensional.

Top 8

Trek beyond

The film is about a team project (USS Enterprise), led by Captain (James Creek T), which was subjected a violent attack N deterrence by a big wave of aliens, destroying them with there project to leave them alone on a new planet to confront a new ruthless enemy.

Top 9

The great wall

During the period in which the Sung dynasty ruled Chinese territory, unfold many mysteries that surround the construction of Great Wall Of China, especially after he becomes William Garin, Peru Tovar in the grip of a group of Chinese soldiers who are preparing against the invasion process overwhelming against the wall fall once every sixty years.

Top 10

Max Steel

The film revolves around a teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell), who discovers that the possession of the strongest power on earth, and his adventures with his companion (Steel) with supernatural abilities ET, and who discover the need to exploit the enormous capabilities together and the Union for the manufacture of a new supernatural hero with huge potential to double the possibility of overcoming their opponents bad guys.

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In the end i hope to spend good time watching these films.

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