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acklinks are the driving force behind getting a considerable amount of traffic to any website, blog or video. You can pay for traffic, but once you setup a decent backlinking strategy it will definitely pay for itself if you have quality unique content or a killer sales page promoting your products.

If you have used any SEO tool, you'll likely see the term "inbound" links. This is the same as backlinks. And, if you didn't know this wee secret, you should cascade your backlinks into a tiered or "pyramid" fashion to give your final backlinks a real boost.

For example, use HIGH PR (page rank) backlinks for Tier 1. These might include blogs, Press Releases and authority websites. Then, for Tier 2, use Web 2.0 sites, article directories (yes, this still works if you use the major directories) BUT, only point these links to your Tier 1 links, not your final website. Lastly, for Tier 3, you can use a myriad of Wiki links (no, not Wikipedia) and forum or comment posting to point to your Tier 2 links.

Using this method will give you major "linkjuice" and exponential power. You can even cross-link Tier 2 links with Tier 3. Just make sure to diversify your anchor text so that all appears natural to the search engines.

top 10 backlinking strategies for SEO
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Top 1

Social Media Websites

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With Wordpress and many other platforms, posting your content backlinks for SEO to various social media websites is easy. If you're not doing this automagically, research how and save yourself a bunch of time and heartache.

Top 2

Press Releases

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Writing a press release for changes or events isn't hard. Get creative or have someone write one for you. A press release is a fantastic way to get your backlinks and strengthen your off-page SEO fast. This can be outsourced on, or several others.

Top 3

Buy Backlinks on SEOClerk or Fiver

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Buying backlinks is still a worthy venture. And, if done right, can yield major linkjuice for you. Just be sure to check out the websites ahead of time. You want niche related sites will low OBJ (outbound backlinks) to not appear like you're connected to spammy websites. I wouldn't use these to link direct to my main page. Hit tier 2 links with these. But, don't be afraid to ask what site they will be on and if on the home page on not buried deep on an inner page with no value.

Top 4

Post comments on RELEVANT blogs.

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Again, don't go after crappy sites with no value. Search for site related to what niche you are marketing and leave a good comment. Use the authors first name and provide some real input. Being fake will likely get you blocked for spam. Show yourself as an expert or authority in the market. Build your brand!

Top 5

Question and Answer sites

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There are some fantastic question and answer sites to build unique and powerful backlinks for SEO. Yahoo is just one, search for more and interact and leave informative comments. Many will award you for your work and again, you'll be building authority and branding yourself. WebAnswers is just one that will pay you a Google Revenue Share! Also, they have a pretty good referral program just like Best-Reviewer!

Top 6

Local Directories

If you're targeting your local market, Yelp, YellowPages and Google Business is a great way to develop your market. Also, contact webmasters or website owners to exchange links. Yes, in this way, link exchanging still works wonders!

Top 7

Article Marketing

Gone are the days of making huge amounts of cash via article marketing. But, if you use the major ones, they still provide some powerful linkjuice to boost your backlinks for SEO.

EzineArticles, iSnare and ArticleBiz are just a few. Find out what their rankings are and you choose.

Top 8

Video Marketing

YouTube is now owned by Google. So, it has quickly become the second largest search engine on the Net. Learn how to annotate your videos, use keywords in your descriptions and tags and get some views within the first two weeks - Google Love will be yours!

Top 9

Guest Posting on Relevant sites

This goes without saying, if you run a blog or website, great quality content is needed. Write or contact other blogs and read about what the website owner is looking for. Write a unique article geared to help their readers and nicely ask for a guest post with your link in the signature. DON'T try to sell something. Provide information. Giving is receiving!

Top 10

Track and Get Your Links Indexed

You've created some awesome unique content. Built a stellar backlinking strategy, but that's not the end of the recipe. This is what separates the beginners from the pros. If you stop here, you are likely still get only a very small number of backlinks for SEO actually indexed with the major search engines. Have them pinged with Linklicious (sign up or outsource it) or create an RSS feed and get the feed added to the various RSS directories. You'll get nearly all, if not 100% of your backlinks indexed and all this hard work WILL pay off!

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Whether affiliate marketing or promoting your own product, backlinks are crucial to your success. Following these tips will definitely show a growing trend in your web stats. Go For It!

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