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t was over 50 years since the Avengers was initially conceived as a comic book. It has been over 10 years since the first official "Avenger" movie (Iron Man) wowed audiences.

Because of all this people cannot wait to get their own Avengers DVD and Bluray. All of the Avengers movies are popular and fun enjoyment for the entire family.

Best Avengers DVD's Review
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Top 1

The Avengers

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If you have seen the Avengers movie it should be a no brainer to get a copy of this movie for yourself as soon as possible.

This movie is fantastic and lives up to all the hype. I know it is everything "I" hoped for ad more. It has a ton of great action, some fun character development and and a lot of humor, not to mention special effects and a heavy heaping of the great marvel superheroes.

Top 2

Iron Man

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The movie that started the entire Avengers craze, so many years ago. Still considered by many to be the best movie of the bunch. The Iron Man is an Avengers Classic now...and should not be missed.

Top 3

Captain America

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Captain America, the direct lead in movie to the Avengers has to be the next best Avengers Movie. A fun and exciting take of a superhero from the past and how he got to the present.

The ending of the First Avenger movie seems to dovetail nicely with the start of the Avengers movie. Captain America was the first superhero in this storyline of the Avengers, he made a wonderful superhero in world war II, but now we get to see him fighting in the modern day era, should lead to some great culture clash.

Top 4

Iron Man III

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Iron Man Three was a return to form after the spectacular Avengers movie. It was a good fun story with some amazing effects, a great story, character development, and of course funny lines from our favorite hero, Tony Stark.

Top 5

Iron Man II

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Sandwiched between the stunning Iron Man I and the thrilling Iron Man III, this movie simply is not as good.... But it is by no means, "bad" a fun movie that has as it's highlight the introduction of the character of the Black Widow.

Top 6


The god of Thunder made a great movie introducing him to the Avengers movie fans. First he has trouble on Asgard, then trouble follows him to an Earth that is a bit strange to him.

Top 7

The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo has replaced Edward Norton in the new Avengers movie, but this movie is still a classic with some great action from both Norton trying to battle his Hulk side and from the Hulk battling everyone.

Most people consider this one of the weakest of the action packed Avengers movies, and while I was not a huge fan of the second half of this movie, I thought the first part, in Brazil was one of the best sequences of all the movies, so personally I rate this movie higher.

Top 8

Avengers Cartoons

If you simply cannot get enough Avengers, there are a huge collection of avengers Cartoons

Top 9

Thor II (The Dark World)

As I write this the new Captain America and Thor Movies have not come out. But surely they must be on this list, since they are coming soon.

Top 10

Captain America II (The Winter Soldier)

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