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etting your child started in learning a musical instrument is a very important decision. Music education has an enormous impact on children's brain development and learning skills. In short, your child will have higher grades in Math, Language, and Science than their non-musical peers. Read some of the best articles that illustrate how music will help your children's development, enrich their education, and how to get started.

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Top 10

Did Leonardo Da Vinci Play An Instrument?

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Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci played music? Da Vinci also wrote music and was a talented musician. Learn how music influenced Leonardo Da Vinci's development of his mind.

Top 9

How Music Influenced Steven Spielberg

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Did Steven Spielberg play a musical instrument? Learn how one the world's greatest film makers' imagination and creativity was influenced by studying and playing music.

Top 8

Making A Child Famous: What's The Meaning Of Prosperity In Through Music

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Making your child famous might be a goal of yours as a parent. Prosperity is something we all dream about not only for ourselves but also for our children. It's natural. I will clearly express what prosperity means when your child learns a musical instrument. Prosperity has little to do with materialistic wealth. Read on....

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My Childhood Story: How I Got Interested In Music

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How does a young person decide to learn a musical instrument? I chose to play the guitar when I was 13 years old, but there were many things that happened earlier in my childhood that led me to the decision to play the guitar. Read my childhood story about how the seed of music of music was planted in my mind and heart.

Top 6

Tiger Mother And Music Discipline Part 1

Read about the strict practice methods that this mom enforced on her two children's piano and violin studies. Also learn about the discipline that children learn when studying a musical instrument as well as some tips for parents on how to promote music study and music appreciation.

Top 5

Budget Cuts For School Music Programs: Solutions For Parents

Music programs are usually the first things to go when schools need to cut their budgets. The educational bureaucracy doesn't realize that music education should be at the core of any competitive curriculum. Here are some cost saving tips for parents, so that they don't cheat their children out on musical enrichment and development.

Top 4

How Music Turned Me Into An A+ Student

This is my personal story about how I improved my grades in school. It wasn't until I started learning the guitar, that my grades at school went up and I began to enjoy school. There is a logical reason for this in terms of brain development. Hopefully my story will help other students and influence parents to encourage their children to learn a musical instrument.

Top 3

Musical Instruments For Kids Part 1: Parents Make These 5 Mistakes

Parents will learn how to purchase the correct musical instrument for their child and help get their kids started in playing music the right way. Parents will get 5 out of 10 tips on what to avoid so that their children will start their music education properly.

Top 2

Musical Instruments For Kids Part 2 - Parents Make These 5 Mistakes

As a parent looking to get your children to learn a musical instrument might seem easy or difficult depending on your point of view. Learn 5 more mistakes that parents should avoid at the beginning stages of their child's music education.

Top 1

How Music Can Help Your Child Compete In The Global Economy

Learn how student test scores are behind most of the other developed nations in the world. How can the U.S. economy remain the most competitive if our children are behind in math, language, and science skills? Learn how music stimulates brain development in children and how learning a musical instrument can help students improve their test scores and grow up into productive individuals that can compete for jobs and innovation in the new global economy.

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Tony Margiotta is the founder of The Musiconomy, a publisher of various materials on the benefits of music education for children, adolescents, and adults.

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