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orruption is epidemic in our government today, and this is because of lobbying, and the fact that politicians need money to get elected; I'm not full of solutions here, only problem identification. I suspect that some massive change or revolution is in the future.

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Jesus, The Rothschild Family, and the Next Invasion Lotto

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Plastic Jesus is coming before the real one returns, but our immediate future is somewhat up to us to achieve the best with

Top 2

The Ringworm Children

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This little known, and altogether horrific tale of Israel should be much more in the consciousness of us all.

Top 3

Love It Or Leave It?? WTF would that accomplish?

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Toby Keith isn't a patriot, he's a mindless, soul less, media meme bot of destruction

Top 4

Dissent Is Patriotic

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If you just sit by and let bills pass like the "patriot act," then you consent to a criminal organization in government, and you hate the United States, it's constitution, and our Bill Of Rights

Top 5

Killed By The Police In the USA

More and more frequently United States Citizens are being murdered by the police; but most people are too busy watching television to care much about that, until it happens to them, then it's too effin' late!

Top 6

Gun Control, and Issue of Misplaced Faith In Governments

Nothing could possibly piss me off more than people who wish to blame guns for violence. . . .Our Criminal media moguls glamorize violence every day of the year, and all day long; so you tell me, are guns to blame for violence?

Top 7

The History Of Gun Control

Gun Control and Propaganda have always been tied to, and precursors of slaughter of innocent persons on a world wide, and massive scale.

Top 8

Human Rights Crisis, The Prison Industrial Complex in America

In America, fat, disgusting politicians make money from sending people like you and me to jail for nothing

Top 10

The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Today's Drug Pusher

Selling prescription meds, or trying to make you think you need them with television and radio mass media advertising is obscene.

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I hope that I've shed some light here on some practices and policies of corruption in government and corporate America; these only extend to the subjugation and destitution of the entire planet; for solutions, I'm all Ears!

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