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have written many articles on HubPages. I enjoy a variety of topics, but some times I'm not sure what the public likes. On HubPages, there is a system in place that rates what you write. Because of that system, I can get a feel for what is popular, or for what interests the public.

This list shows those articles (or "Hubs") that are most read, and most appreciated. Read this list to know what is attracting readers at this time. The ratings or readership numbers below (with each article) are taken across an average of the last 18 months.

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Top 1

Mommy, Why Is There a Parabolic Mirror in Our Flashlight?

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This title represents a series of articles I have written, and will write, where the child asks the mother a question, using big words or very technical terms. They represent a spoof on some of the more intelligent questions, but they are also designed to help the parent understand the makings of things, and how to respond to the questions in an intelligent manner. This is the lowest on this list, and has received 518 visitors.

Top 2

Nano Motors - Smallest Synthetic Engines Ever

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This article talks about things molecular engineers are doing these days to pave the way toward more efficient machines, basically used for small jobs, or work to be done inside the human body. Nano motors do not wear out, and their input/power ratio is millions of times greater than the large engines we build nowadays. This attracted 668 readers.

Top 3

Become Quick-witted Overnight

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This is a method I developed for helping me to appear quick-witted and intelligent. It really works when using a little planning and some low-key memorizing. 690 readers checked this one out.

Top 4

Native American Series - The Cherokee Nation

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I am doing a series of articles that inform readers of Native American people; their histories, traditions, and what is happening these days. This article is seventh from the top in number of visitors, but it is now currently at the top of the chart due to reader ratings. 751 people read this article.

Top 5

Scratch That Mosquito Bite!

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This article attracted 1,030 visitors so far. Note the jump in interest from the other informational articles. It seems that offering remedies that assure satisfaction and peace is popularly received in any scenario.

Top 6

Build Your Own Lathe

Another high-interest topic is showing people how they can achieve something powerful without spending too much money. This article teaches you how to use the machines you most likely have in your house now, to make a lathe for small wooden projects. It rose in popularity very quickly once it was published. This article won a prize on HubPages. 1,046 visitors.

Top 7

Wonders of the World - Hidden City of Petra

Readers seem to like mystery, and/or other places in the world that they could possibly visit or just read about. This article talks about a village where houses, building or dwellings were carved out of rock. This article won a featured status on HubPages for a week. 1,153 readers.

Top 8

How to Make Your Own Table Saw

This, and the next Top show, again, how people are interested in building things that mean savings in their shops. This article shows you how to temporarily convert your electric handsaw into a table saw. I hinted on the "Lathe" Top that it was quite inferior to an industrial one. But this table saw can be almost as effective and versatile as a commercially-built table saw. It attracted 1,273 visitors.

Top 9

Make Your Own Drill Press & Router Table

2,191 visitors. This one jumped noticeably in popularity compared to the other how-to's; maybe because it involves two machines. The drill press utilizes your electric hand drill, and the router table uses a regular router. Usually, routers come with bolts and a detachable plate to help people make their own surface, so this part is not too revolutional.

Top 10

Do the Innocent Really Suffer?

This article shows another noticeable jump in readership. This is my all-time most popular and most-read article. It appears that things that pertain to the heart and to the innocent brings in the most readers, and peaks the most interest. It is very convincing in its argument, which is that the innocent who suffer are given hidden doses of strength, endurance and separation from the pain they physically and emotionally suffer. This brought in 3,101 readers, so far.

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I would like to stress that there are other articles I've written that have high readership numbers, and high ratings from visitors that aren't listed here. But I left those out for two reasons: To make this list brief, and because of the fact that I chose these as a typical cross-section of the total number of articles I've written. But I did leave out poetry. I figured that in another Top, I can focus on more specific genre, like poetry.

I hope this Top has proven useful to those who wonder what topics can bring in viewers. I would appreciate hearing from you concerning the validity of this study, and of any results you may get due to this information.

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Hello, thanks for the

Hello, thanks for the insight. Yes it seems problem-solution types of content work better at attracting traffic.