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ne great way to study the history of fashion design is to observe and possibly even collect paper dolls. That's right, those sets of paper dolls that little girls play with. I have created a list of some of my favorite times in history for fashion design from paper dolls showing an American family during certain eras and decades of our country's past. By using these sets of dolls, one can see how fashion changed from era to era or decade to decade. These fashion paper dolls can be used by set designers in movies and plays or just enjoyed by people who are fascinated by fashions of the past. When it comes to creating the proper costumes to make for a movie or the theater, these paper dolls can be a real help. Well, and then there are those of us who still love to play with paper dolls and use the fashion designs as an excuse to have them.

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American Family Paper Dolls Set

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This set of an American Family in paper dolls shows a general history from the beginning of settlers coming to what would become the United States. It shows family fashions from the pilgrims up to and including the Civil War.

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Pilgrim Family Fashions

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If you have a need to design costumes for a stage performance or even to get a realistic costume for Halloween that involves pilgrim fashion, there is a set of dolls that show a family during the Pilgrim era of US History. The costumes are really very authentic for what the fashions were back then.

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Fashion Designs From The Civil War

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A set of paper dolls showing the fashion designs worn by a Northern family and also the differences in what a family from the South would have dressed in. Again, a good study for costumes for the stage or movies, costume for a party, or even Halloween.

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Fashions of the Victorian Era

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These fashions are great for those who love the Victorian Era of fashion. Women who want to design or sew doll clothes could use these paper dolls as an inspiration for the clothes to make.

Top 5

Family Fashion During The Progressive Era Of American History

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Top 6

Paper Dolls Show Fashion Designs Of The Roaring Twenties

Perfect for collecting but also to get an idea for making your own Halloween costume, don't you think?

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You might not have even considered using something as simple as paper dolls to study and enjoy American fashion designs. They are much cheaper than a text book and more fun, too.

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