Best Review - Top 10 Amazon Free App a Day in February


mazon customers pick the best apps offered for free in the month of February. See what's best and choose the free version, another free app, or spring for the full paid version.

Finding the right tools for smart phones and tablet computers can be intimidating with so many choices. Finding a good free application is even harder. The Amazon Appstore makes it easier by evaluating the android apps that work with Kindle Fire.

Top 10 Amazon Free Apps a Day in February - Gravilux
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Top 10

Math Training for Kids" (ads free)

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Make math fun. If there's anything that can do that, count me in. Numbers are fun, actually, and making numbers easier for kids will benefit everyone.

Top 9

3D Mini Golf Challenge

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This product was launched exclusively on the Amazon Appstore on Superbowl Sunday, and it turned out to be a top 10 game app.

Top 8

Horoscope HD Pro

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This is the second time this was free on the Appstore. Horoscopes delivered daily. Convenient.

Top 7


My personal favorite of the month for entertainment. I give a complete review of field-testing the app on my Kindle Fire.

Top 6

Whiteboard Pro

Simple sketchy lines that get smoothed out after your draw with a few color choices.

Top 5

Going Nuts

More than 2,000 reviewers agree this game is (yes) completely nuts.

Top 4

Shopper's Paradise HD

What is it with shopping games? Get the thrill without spending the cash.

Top 3

Bag It!

Valentine's day special theme for what turns out to be a very popular puzzle game for adult kids.

Top 2

Mahjong Artifacts

Play Mahjong in 5 different settings with over 100 different layouts, and get related apps for even more choices.

Top 1


The only app in the Top 10 that you can test drive this month. Hugely popular party game to describe a word without using the Buzzwords.

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