Best (at least excellent) Android App for AdSense: AdSense Dashboard

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Best (at least excellent) Android App for AdSense: AdSense Dashboard

I thought I already talked about it on my forum, but maybe not..

If you have an android phone you know you can access adsense for mobile ( ), a light version of the adsense admin panel. Well I also have tried several android apps and one has grabbed my attention, I use only this one now, it's called AdSense Dahsboard, it is well done, has an app of course and also a widget.

It is only for reporting, but it does so in a very neat way..

I'll give you the different links below, but first I'd like to know if you have come accross another app for adsense which you find good, please tell me about it so I can check it out, thanks!

The link on the market:
The Google+ page to follow:
Its website:

Don't worry about your login credentials because it uses the android system for authentification, so you only give authorisation for reading, you need to have added your account on android of course..

Try it and tell me if it's not good, me I like it, very quick access to see that everything is fine or not.

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