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Back in business!

Yes! Adsense disabled the ads since 8th march for an unknown (up to now) reason, but finally put them back today!

And since one good news never comes alone, I've finally put back the ad placement as it was in the glory months, so you should see an improvement in your CTR and earnings!

But since also two good news never come without a bad news, for premium members, you don't have 3 ad units anymore, you get only the 2 ad units below mine which is first. So your CTR and earnings should decrease. But it's for the general good since that way if there is a problem in the future, adsense will send me the notification, it won't be sent to a random premium member simply because his ad unit was first in the html code. So it's a little less earnings per month but for a longer period of time.

But since there can't be 1 bad news and 2 good news without a third good news, now I have another site like best reviewer, because of this event, with the same users base, so you're included, and whenever I'll finish it you'll know about it. At the moment most of the content is the same as best reviewer, but since it is a fork, from now on new tops will be different from the two sites, also I'll move the existing salary pages to this new site and will remove them from the original best reviewer (with 301 redirect don't worry). That way the two sites will be different and the traffic will start flowing as well as google indexing, faster than if I don't do that.

So after some time, there will be two sites, two different domain names from which to create your backlinks and earn money from adsense, that should be good, we'll see.

Also I plan on doing a bit of clickbank sharing on both sites, but for this you'll have to hold the line (I mean hold your breath) a little while longer..

Good to heard that..

Yes that's good! Especially since I finally got to the bottom of this story with an answer from the AdSense team that the disabling was a mistake from them. Because one of the members here has had his adsense account disabled for some reason and that they also disabled ads on his sites in the process and since his adsense id was on my site they also disabled ads on it. Well that's what I understood, more or less it's what happened. I don't know why exactly he has been banned, and how many of "his" sites have had ads disabled in the process, but at least it wasn't for something I had done or not done, which is good for the future.

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