Are you earning here?

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Are you earning here?

Do you earn much money here? If so, how much?

Hi, I'm not a good writer and haven't been submitting much tops page, but I did a little, plus I'm the webmaster of the site, so I get a share of the adsense revenue sharing on each members with basic membership, the site has been launch on 5th october last year, so that's how much I've earned per day during those months, in euros:
oct'10: 0.99
nov'10: 1.54
dec'10: 7.24
jan'11: 8.04
feb'11: 8.44
mar'11: 7.88
apr'11: 18.19
may'11: 19.03
jun'11: 18.86
jul'11: 10.64
aug'11: 9.09 so far..

Hope it helps a little, of course you might have higher results from the top members here, those with many submitted tops and many referrals. But I think that most members earn less than me per day I imagine, that's logical, but there might be some exceptions, like members with the premium membership who submit tops in a high paying niche and get lot of traffic to their tops.
But those figures of how much everyone else is earning, I have no idea really.

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Yes, I've been earning here much more than I earn from hubpages, where I wrote longer articles -- I have only 11 articles there though. In fact, my hubpages earnings haven't reached one dollar yet.
Here on best-reviewer, I earned $35 last June and $33 last July, and I plan to write more. My own blog earns more, but hey, an additional $35 and perhaps, later $50 and then $100 in the months to come from this site, is a BIG thing!

Well, we have to notice also that there has been a sudden loss of traffic since a couple of months, of course summertime is not really a good period because the internet traffic as a whole is smaller, because of holidaying, but from this autumn I hope things will start again growing and this traffic issue will resolve itself.
You can see this traffic loss in details here towards the end of the page:;unique?login=dam008

It's the stats for unique visitors (one IP per 24h) it's not the pageviews which are superior of course since a user on average sees more than one page.

In the last 30 Days I've earned $14.23, however I don't have any referrals that have done any writing of tops. (Your google adsense pub-id will show up on one of the ad spaces on your referrals tops, therefore increasing your earnings). I know best-reviewer member "squidoogirl" had a lot of referrals (she's #1 on the referral list), and she posted on her blog that she earned $375.44 in the last year from Best-Reviewer. Actually it would be about 9-10 months of earnings because started in Oct 2010 and she posted this Aug 11, 2011. You can read her blog post here:
I'll try to remember to come back to this forum and post my earnings monthly. So Sept 1st, I'll come back and post my August earnings. If I forget, someone who is reading this forum, please remind me. Thanks!

Thanks azlaird that's good to read about squidoogirl's earnings because she had started a page about her earnings for each source of income, updated monthly and she had a page about best reviewer but at some point she's stopped doing that and removed all the pages. It's a pity really if only for herself.. I'm happy that she did take the time to make this annual review of her earnings and detail it, it helps to show that she walks the talk. In just one year she's been able to achieve over $10,000 that's good. The next year if she keeps at it her earnings will sky rocket for sure, I hope she doesn't stop, but I see no reason why, she simply has to triple this to make earning money online a good monthly salary already! And to triple her earnings is not surprising since all her pages and blogs will age and this is taken into account by google to send even more visitors her way, the earnings will grow from each source of income, not only adsense. She'll do well because she has taken it seriously from the start and has taken advise on board, some people just have the talent and grow faster than most.

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