Anatomy (Autopsy?) of an Infolinks contest (I didn't win by the way)

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Anatomy (Autopsy?) of an Infolinks contest (I didn't win by the way)

There was a draw from Infolinks recently, it was about promoting their new mobile app by tweeter, and you could win one iPhone 5 but most probably you could win nothing, as usual, so here was their blog post:
On 7th August, Infolinks break the news on their blog:
To celebrate our new launch, we are giving away a brand new iPhone 5 to one lucky Infolinker who downloads Infolinks’ new app.
To celebrate the launch of this handy mobile app, in proper Infolinks style, we want to offer you a fabulous prize! To participate, simply download our new app to your Android or iPhone, and Tweet Us with the hashtag #InfolinksApp. We will randomly choose one lucky publisher to win a brand spanking new iPhone 5.
We will announce the winner on September 12, so start Tweeting now!

On 13th August, yours truly is taking major life-threatening risks bypassing China's great firewall from his hotel room to tweet about it:
Best Reviewer ‏@BestReviewerCom
@InfolinksInc Finally, Infolinks has released a mobile App, it's good #InfolinksApp !

On 4th September, the future winner tweets about it:
Chante ‏@MyMotheringPath
I'm loving the new #InfolinksApp! The new app makes it so easy to keep track of things! Thanks so much, @InfolinksInc!

On 12th September the results of the random draw come in:
On Facebook:
The time has come to announce the winner of the Infolinks Mobile App Competition - the winner of a brand new iPhone 5! Congratulations to Chante, the author of . She runs a great blog about natural motherhood. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!

On Twitter:
Infolinks ‏@InfolinksInc
A big congratulations to the Infolinks Mobile App Competition winner - the winner of a brand new iPhone 5! @MyMotheringPath #InfolinksApp

On the same day the happy winner replies:
Chante ‏@MyMotheringPath
@InfolinksInc THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I will definitely enjoy the new phone!


Note that Infolinks make absolutely NO EFFORT at all to prove that their draw is random.. No video, no explanation of the draw process, nothing, just them telling everyone who won, end of story.

Well that was a great contest and I'm glad I could have won such a wonderful phone.. :-)

To be honest I don't want an iPhone, I already have a galaxy note and it's more than enough and for me way better than any iPhone crap, I never had an iPhone but I have friends who have it and when I compare I think mine is way better for my needs, which are to have a small computer in my hand, more customizable, more nice apps. But I understand the needs are different for different persons.
If I had won the phone I would have for sure made a contest on Best Reviewer to give it away, so thank you Infolinks for saving me the trouble and the delivery costs :-)

But for me, finally this Samsung Galaxy Note is starting to make sense, I remember I got my first pocket PC back in 2001, it had no wireless functionality at all, but then the mobile phones were crap in multimedia functionalities. Now we're finally starting to get somewhere :-)

Hi James. We thank you for participating in our contest. Unfortunately only one Infolinker can win each contest (unless otherwise stated). We work with over 100,000 websites in 128 different countries around the world so you can understand if you didn't win this one. We randomly selected the winner as we do for most contests.


Yes I can understand, as I said it doesn't matter, I've saved delivery costs that I would have had to pay for if I had won this iphone 5, because I didn't want an iphone and would have done a contest of my own for my members. Now a suggestion, next contest please offer an android tablet, because in this case if I win I'll keep it! :-)

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