AdSense section targeting now on Best Reviewer

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AdSense section targeting now on Best Reviewer

Well a member (the only one who bought a Premium Membership yet) emailed me because he wanted that I implement AdSense section targeting in his top pages in order to have better, more suitable ads for his content.
It's true that the site has so much general content in the side bar, that on the whole, the content of the top makes up a small percentage of the total text, so AdSense would display ads which are not optimized for the top's topic. The ads in my experience were about some top's topics but not always.

So I implemented AdSense section targeting in the template of the site, and now all your top and salary pages have the section targeting telling adsense where to look for its ads targeting, and that's your title, content and keywords, not all the rest of the page.

If you're interested in implementing AdSense section targeting yourself it's dead easy, read this AdSense's help page:

Once you implement it on your own site/blog you should expect to see improvement in CTR and overall eCPM within 2 weeks time.

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