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AdSense Revenue Sharing on

I'm going to finish the adsense revenue sharing part of juiuj but I can explain the principle already.
The main difference with best reviewer is that there is now 2 level of referrals, so you get your adsense id and link to your site also on the pages of your referral's referrals.

Otherwise it's more or less the same. Another noticable difference is that on juiuj there are several membership levels.

But in the future I plan on changing best reviewer template before starting 3 new sites based on best reviewer and maybe at this occasion I'll also update the adsense sharing and referrals system to reflect juiuj's new features.

Also one big difference between best reviewer as it is now and juiuj is that I optimized adsense earnings to a maximum by:
- putting all 3 ads above the fold
- randomly placing the author's adsense id in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in html (also how adsense orders its ads by highest ecpm)
- choosing a small size for ads, so that usually there will be only 3 ads (1 ad in 1 block) displayed

If you have questions or comments about this adsense revenue sharing method, please let me know!

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