Adsense placement makeup and new ad space

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Adsense placement makeup and new ad space

Hi, I've removed the big green boxes with adsense in them. I reverted to simplicity, everything white.
You can see the changes when you are not loggued in.

I have moved the 125x125 ad spots from from the right column to the top right of the header. Also I have added ad space for rent from they display after TOP 1, TOP2 and TOP3 only on top pages of course.

Here is the link to Best Reviewer's page on :

So, do you ask what I think about and why I don't sell directly myself?

Well, takes 25% of the sales price. But in return they manage everything else, and I mean everything which sometimes arises from buyer-seller interaction. So those 25% commission really are the price of everybody's peace of mind. Remember that Adsense's commission is 32% on average.
What I think about ? Does its job just fine. It pays when requested. No hassle.

Want to talk about ads? Come on, tell me about it..

I'm going to change adsense around again, you should have told me it was really bad :-)
My goal now is to have the top description now as high in the page as possible. Finish the old way :-)

EDIT: finished, now all three ad units are at the same location, 2 after the introduction and 1 after Top 1 item. I moved the "welcome to best reviewer" text to the bottom. I moved my link units to the right column, as it was at the beginning, I don't know which one is best for earnings, I haven't tracked earnings from individual ads for a long time.
But I suppose this new ad placement is better than before, if only because now the content is first on the page.


In the last 2 weeks my Adsense earnings from Best Reviewer dropped to zero although I have the same number of page views. So impressions are not changed but none clicks on my ads. Did you also experience the same or this affects only me?

hi, yes please other member tell me what you experience in terms of ctr because really the way i have my own adsense, i really can't measure ctr for the top pages, too many parameters, so if you are willing to work with me on the ad placement, we can optimize it.
If you have clear suggestions, please tell me, and also tell me about your stats during this month compared to last month, just the RPM and CTR. Thanks.

Here are my stats for the last 3 months:
November: 1.10% CTR, USD 0.66 RPM
December: 0.26% CTR, USD 1.83 RPM
January: 0.00% CTR, USD 0.00 RPM

Please note that I get hundreds of page views.

That's BAD!
Do you guys and girls also have similar figures for january?

I'll sure have to change things again, maybe go back to something similar as before..

I'm a bit fed up to say the truth, I'm thinking of trying something very simple like I did on (site which is still not functional, but with very simple ad placement, three 234x60 ads side by side.

But I don't know the ctr..

I think I really need to relax, step back,, think about it, then act once and for all.. If you guys have some insight, or some will to propose some ad placement that you have seen working very well, don't hesitate to propose it. That is, if you don't mind spending this time and not investing it on your own web properties.

For sure don't worry I'll get back to it, if those numbers are representative of all members, I HAVE TO do something about it, it's not up to me, it's a must!

Thank you lordt for taking the time to report yours.

My last 3 months from my custom channel report for Best-Reviewer:
November: 160% CTR??, USD 520.84 RPM (this month's stats make no sense, I had a day with 0 pageviews, yet 7 clicks?)
December: 5.22% CTR, USD $19.63 RPM
January: 0.73% CTR, USD $2.64 RPM
Please note mine is a premium membership, so I'm supposed to have my Adsense ID in more blocks, however my new tops I've posted lately aren't showing my Adsense ID in the top block like it should for a premium membership. But nevertheless, mine has shown a big drop off too. I've been away from Best-Reviewer for awhile, so I'm not sure when the new Ad layout took effect. In my opinion, too many adds up top. And when there's all those other type of ads showing besides just Google Adsense, there is more chance for the viewer to click on one of those, which isn't ad revenue shared with us members. If our google adsense block is only 1 of 9 ads on the page, then of course that's going to lower our (Best-Reviewer members) CTR dramatically.

I'm going to fix many things in less than 2 weeks. The ads I added, buy sell ads, obviously aren't attractive to anyone, members or not, because they're not buying them, even at $10 per month for the ads in the top 1,2,3..

So if there is nothing new, that will go away. Then I'll fix anything else that is lowering CTR, perhaps I shouldn't have changed anything, I wanted to increase revenue from adsense, obviously didn't work..

The problem is I've spent quite some time thinking about the new ad layout and then implementing it, and I guess I have to start fresh again, or just remember how it was before and put it back same place..

So please don't worry about it, for sure I'll do everything, but not right now or in the few days because I have people to attend to who came visit, so I only spend time for real necessary things and sometimes light things such as writing in forums. But don't worry in less than 2 weeks, that hopefully will be only bad memories.

Thanks for sticking :-)

Here are my updated stats for the last 4 months:
November: 1.10% CTR, USD 0.66 RPM
December: 0.26% CTR, USD 1.83 RPM
January: 0.00% CTR, USD 0.01 RPM
February: 0.20% CTR, USD 0.92 RPM

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