AdSense Money: at $200 a day you can start to relax

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AdSense Money: at $200 a day you can start to relax

$200 a day can be achieved, for this you need lot of traffic (about 25,000 page views per day) and a healthy/correct CTR & CPC.

Yes, the 25K pageviews must be combined with honest CTR & CPC, and the source of traffic should be 80% from search engines, just to make sure the traffic is somewhat related/interested to your pages content.

Even before reaching $200 a day, we can relax, but starting from $200 there is nothing to worry about and any increase of the daily earnings past $200 is just to make sure to save a little money, planning for worst days ahead.

$200 a day is just $6,000 a month, so that's a good minimum to live in pretty much everywhere.

But since $200 a day doesn't keep the doctor away, we have other things to worry, at least not to be too relaxed about..

A tip if you want is to think about the traffic, how many page views do you currently have daily? How far are you from 25,000? Ways to increase your traffic should be about producing content for the masses, which can be interesting to most people.

I have been doing adsense now for a couple of years. I still haven't been able to find that THING to make it an income for myself on a daily basis. I know it is possible but I am hoping I can get it figured out and make a living off of it!! You give great advice james keep up the great work!!

It would be interesting to have total access to your stats. Especially if you have correctly created ad units and used them exclusively, so you can have stats up to the individual ad spot and with correct naming of ad units, in your adsense account you can analyse stats and probably correct some things in order to improve your RPM (money per 1,000 page views) especially increasing your CTR by optimizing ad placement (and perhaps color choice) where needed.

But the bottom line still is traffic afterall, so can you tell me how far are you from the 25,000 daily page views? If it's too far, like 10 times less, then the priority is to increase this traffic, and this can be done by using the free tool from Google named Google Insights, that gives you stats about what people are looking related to topics or keywords.. That can be a great help in order to analyse the popular searches and rising searches (during the last 12 months for instance) and check that in your sites you cover those searches specifically with at the very least one page/article per search that you wrote down from Google Insights. By doing this you'll make sure you at least cover what is already popular, then the rest of course is up to you. But most people just do the "up to you" part, ignoring the existing popular searches. I think it is important to make sure you talk about those most popular searches, just so you know you've covered it and if you get no traffic from those pages, at least it's not because you don't have anything on the topic!

Once you have done this important part, one other thing that can be done to improve your traffic is to analyse data from Google Analytics (assuming that you've installed it on your site, if not, well it's a must!) and look at the searches/keywords which attracted the most visits on your pages. Then make sure you create pages that answer specifically those searches.
For instance you might see that "long hair haircut photos" brings you a lot of traffic, to your page titled "Why I like to take photos of me when I have long hair and a new haircut" Well you should create another article titled "Long Hair: haircut photos" and then talk about photos of haircut for long hair, maybe it will be quite similar to your other article, but probably not since it is very much more specific, so you can still do better for this search.. Then once it is published you'll see the traffic will increase, because your first page will still get traffic from this search but also the new article will and maybe more.. Of course this is not done with one day, it is better to be steady about it and like every week do one article based on what google analytics tells you about your site.

Please note that to have access to useful data, the analytics account must be linked with the webmaster tools account, and while you're at it, the last step is to link it with your adsense account so you'll have even more metrics to choose from.. Maybe it's not the most trafficked page or search query which brings you the most money.. Analyse that too but most importantly, act on it! :-)

Oh wow thanks so much for that information. I actually do have google analytics attached to my webistes. I have a total of eight sites that I use google on. So I def need to look into some of this information that you told me about in here and put it to use and correct what I am doing wrong!! Thanks again for this information!!

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This gives me a good idea of how much daily traffic to get. I am slowly working myself up! It's taken me well over a year to get some first page listings on google. A one woman show. I will not give up and keep at it until my traffic continues to grow.

wow what did you do melissa to get to page one!!! I have tried but I am still wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the pages unfortunately. :( I have been doing my sites now for a couple of years but haven't been able to get high up there with them...a couple of them are still kinda new but would like to see them listed high in the search engines!!

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I've been doing Google adsense for few years.Would you tell me the exact way to how to earn $200 daily.

Sure thing! Get your page views impressions up to 25,000 a day with Adsense and you'll have your $200 or close, it depends on your RPM, which can be increased by your own action mainly by increasing the CTR - ie. improve your ad placement.

But first, get your daily page views to 25,000. That's the exact way.

Well, I would be happy with $100 a day :) Actually, I am building my online portfolio only in my spare time, 1-2 hours a week but I have a blog which is listed in TOP 5 for at least 7-8 different keywords in the local language.

I'm now getting about 4,000 page views per day from 5 blogs: a main blog (paid hosting), 2 Blogger blogs with custom domain names, and 2 blogs. My paid shared-hosting costs only $5 a month, and I wonder how much I would pay to get a hosting package that can handle 25,000 page views per month.

I now don't blog a lot on my $5-hosted blog because I'm concerned too many blogposts would slow down my blog and turn off the readers that I get.

How much do you pay for your hosting? And how many page views, do you think, can it handle? Thanks...

I don't know the exact prices for the number of page views, because that depends on what is used to generate those pages, like if it is only html then it's nothing to display and you can display a lot.
But if it uses PHP/MySQL (probably for blogs) then the question is about the caching system, is it on? And is it efficient?

But on Dreamhost, at $9.95 a month you can host an unlimited amount of domain names and sites. You don't have to pay $5 per month per site. And of course if for some reason your sites hosted on Dreamhost consume too much memory for a shared account, they'll let you know about it, then you can opt for a VPS at dreamhost. The cost is about $15 a month minimum. Why minimum it is because it depends on the amount of memory you need to run your sites correctly. So you can have up to 4GB memory all for yourself, but then you'd be paying $200 a month.
So if you're on a VPS and you're consuming much memory, it makes sense to go to a dedicated server which can be between $100 and $150 a month for a better experience than VPS.

That's the path you usually take, and you can do it without leaving the web hosting company dreamhost: shared -> VPS -> dedicated server

Of course at first you should simply take a shared account, put your site in it and see if a shared account is enough for them depending on your page views and settings.. If not then go to the VPS which is good as you can really set the amount of memory you need (there's a graph showing you how much your sites consume per hour/day/week/month) and there is a script called PS MANAGER which you can install on your VPS in order to dynamically change the allocated memory, so that if in the morning you receive almost no visits, then the memory will be set very low and it will update it in near real-time up and down if for instance you have a sudden, unexpected burst of visits due to someone posting your link somewhere popular..
I think the VPS is very cool, but first you could simply try the shared hosting.. When it comes time to switch to VPS, it will be without any trouble for you, you don't have any move to do, they move it for you and nothing changes except you now have control over the memory you need.

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