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Acquiring Backlinks

Hello everyone!

I am posting in this forum to ask people what methods they use for acquiring backlinks, or if they know of any others. If you have any free, relatively easy backlink sources similiar too Best-reviewer please reveal them! DO IT.

Hi, you know to be honest, having backlinks might be good for seo, but I feel building oneself's backlinks is like clicking on one's own ads.. I know I probably shouldn't say that since my site(s) are working because many people believe that building one's backlinks is the way to go.. But anyway my advise is to always spend most of your time on creating content on your own web properties.. Let others do the backlinks for you, just like you need to let other click on your ads, not yourself.. Find a way, for ads it's good ad placement, for backlinks it's good content creation and providing visitors with easy ways to link back to your site.
Look at the bottom of each top pages on this site, there's a block at the end which gives visitors easy copy&paste html code and bbcode and even the link itself that they can use to make a link to the page.
Also do I need to mention again to use the widget to make it easy for your visitors to share your link on their favorite social media sites?

Anyway if I was a good webmaster I would only reply, yes there's another good site for easy nofollow backlinks, it's

But to be honest I recommend you spend most if not all of your time adding content or improving your existing content on your own web properties, not waste your time posting content on other people's websites, that includes mine of course!

Now perhaps others will provide you with other places to create backlinks to your site, but I hope you get my point, after you do as you wish, up to you!

I agree that creating your own backlinks (or hiring someone or building software to do it) is a lot like clicking your own links. It really defeats the purpose of linking in the first place -- sharing information.

Me, I'd rather write my articles and build my content. But then no one reads it because they never find me 8=(

So how do you get others to link to your content? I think too many people are getting scared of sharing any link juice with another site. I'm trying to write articles that link to other articles relevant to the topic I'm writing about. Links to articles by other writers in the same niche. I'd like to have at least 50% of my articles link to 2 or more outside articles. If we all did that, the web would be a much nicer place.

So I guess we need a balance. Forum and blog comments are one way and article directories, social media and social bookmarking sites are another. But that is still me putting my own links out there.

Maybe make sure you provide all social media tools for sharing, with the widget it is very easy, also why not use the original widgets provided by the main social sites, and finally provide a box like i do at the bottom of each top page, by giving the html bbcode and direct links if users want to link to you, make it extra easy.

Otherwise it's true that mostly you won't get backlinks, but honestly Google is the main provider of traffic, and although the number of backlinks might be one parameter they still use a lot to determine popularity, I'm sure they've evolved a lot, when you see how many fake backlinks are being generated by the seo industry, it would be pretty stupid if that was still a main parameter for Google like when they first started, so don't worry too much about it, when you'll have 500 or 1000 content page, then you can think about backlinks, maybe.. But the most important is to have lot of content, so that you receive one or two visits per day per page, it's still enough ad impressions for a correct online earning..

Post in forums & blogs, and do social bookmarking. Consistency in the key!

I have been using this site now for a while and it is helping me building links to my site and blog, you can check it, it is free.

I second IMAutomator. You can leave 10 backlinks and they go to 15 sites each. I use it daily.

But apart from that, I think Best-Reviewer is the best place for backlinks. I can write a hub on HubPages, backlink it on Best-Reviewer and the best-reviewer link is higher in the Google search than the original hub.

I am giving this IMAutomator a try, thankyou for the insight:).

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Content farms are penalized by google. Think about it.
If you put your site here you risk banned.

Google does not penalize sites in the way you are suggesting at all. At the absolute worst it would simply ignore the backlink, more likely lower its value and in actuality probably do nothing.

I agree with Esoteric Articles. If Best-Reviewer is a content farm, it's a very fruitful farm - just put your good content and then harvest. BR jumped from PR0 to PR4, by the way.

The term itself "content farm" has a pejorative value, when I see farming as a good invention and generally have positive values attached to farming. You plant the seed, give it light & water and harvest the plant every day! The seed, water and nutriments don't have to be of low quality, everyone knows that the highest quality seeds, helped with the ideal environmental conditions produce the most delicious fruits :-)

Anyway, this could be a real problem only if there was one site to do that, but there are many other places like this and a lot more traffic come to it, it's not a problem even with so called "panda" update (which one already?) and some say i lost that much traffic since panda, that sucks. And this one: Yes, I've found a way to fight off panda and if you do this and that, and change that, yes you start to recover like me, you'll see.

Same for you and me, if the site best reviewer doesn't get anymore traffic or even go as low as 100 visits per day, then who cares? There are many other sites, you can also do your own content farm and be a content farmer. Me it's the same I'll have always too many sites to be able to take care of them well enough for any significant success, so one more or one less to care about it's not a problem.
If one site is less liked from panda for whatever reason, I don't have to get into panda's psychology and needs. It's the job of the search engine to send traffic to some site or not. We must not try to manipulate the search engines. :-)

Also about risking banned for doing this or that, we risk banned every day already since the first day of adsense. It can stops anytime for no reason at all. There are many things that are more risking banned than sending content to a site.

Absolutely right. If it was as easy to get a site banned by putting links to it on content farms, competitors would be doing it in droves to their competition.

The very WORST that will happen with a backlink is that it will be ignored.

Whenever you want to know about Google, the best way to learn is to look up Matt Cutts videos on Youtube. He basically just lets people asking him questions about Google, and he clears up a lot of these issues.

The Panda update was more about lowering the value of specific domains, and increasing the value of content itself. Google was getting a lot of complaints that sites like eHow, which still ranks well, was automatically ranked higher on how-to articles that were of very low quality.

For example, there were high ranking articles on how to change a tire that were basically this:

1. Get your car off the road safely.
2. Park your car.
3. Turn off your engine
4. Take off your seatbelt.
5. Get out of your car.
6. Find the flat tire
...etc. etc

Just packed with insubstantial information. Google is basically trying to stop that by lowering the value of specific sites and increasing the value of detailed content.

You can try these 2 tools"

(directory submission)

I hope this helps

Wbe 2.0 sites are also a good idea. I think I will publish a top with examples for this soon

I use social monkee to build backlinks. Mainly to get my new pages noticed or when I'm working on a specific keyword phrase to get some backlinks with that keyword phrase out there on the web.

Social Monkee is a good option, but I stopped using them because their plugin on Firefox is not working properly and they didn't fix the issue for weeks. Now I am using Social Adr Which I find much better in fact:
In one click per day, you send your own bookmark 5x to 22 social networks! And it's free.

Oh, I started using that too, but I got a bigger bang for my buck (metaphorically speaking) with social monkee because with socialadr, you have to accumulate enough credits and then if you put in bookmarks and don't have a enough credits, your bookmark somehow expires or doesn't end up getting set up. Maybe it's me and I need to take some time to figure it out. :P Time, time...there never seems to be enough time.

On social adr, your bookmark will be shared as much times as you shared others.

I'll have to check that again. I remember hitting a limit or something which ended up only getting one submission bookmarked.

there is a limit of 200 submissions. But after that you can easily create a new account

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I've recently been working on my backlinking too and I find it a pain. Can anyone give me some tips regarding my website:

IM Automator is no longer free, you have to pay to use the service.

I notice no one has yet mentioned Pinterest, I try to pin something to Pinterest at least daily. Follow me if you like. Just click on my name to see my profile, I have my Pinterest link in my profile.

Been using sites directories sites like and a few others. I try to add lots of content (200 words)

The right way of getting back links is to publish quality articles and people will share them and automatically will link to you so this is hard but you have to try it and other options are getting back links from web 2.0 sites, article directories with fresh contents, Forum discussions and review sites.

Yes for back links it is better to use natural ways instead of getting links with forum signature and spammy blog commenting

Create backlinks on high DA sites. Top DA sites link juice the gold bird of backlinks.

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