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I submitted a list then after I published the top I decided to edit my title all seemed well here is the link
http://www.best-reviewer.com/best-review-top-7-sites-beginner-writers.htm but when I wanted to go back and share my link or top I kept getting an error and I can't even edit the top so can you help?
Thanks James!

Hi, when I go to the link you provided I don't have a 404 error.

Please note that when you edit the title of your top it will change the url of your top because the url is constructed from the title (as well as from the number of items).

Also, sometimes you need to edit/save two times for the change in url to happen, no big deal but sometimes it works at first edit/save sometimes it needs to be done twice (the second time you don't need to actually edit anything, just click edit then click save)

It's a small bug, not easily repeatable which has been happening since the start of the site and I never found a solution to it, since it doesn't happen all the time, I've searched for and asked for help in Drupal forums but to no availability, and since it's not that much of a problem (since the solution is to edit/save another time) I think this small trouble will stay until I find a solution by random one day or another.

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