4. Give your best ad locations to your direct advertisers

Don't be tempted to hide your ads down below. The advertisers are not cash cows, if they spend their hard earned money to advertise on your site they will track the results and depending on weither they get clicks (CTR) and if your traffic converts they'll decidde to renew or not renew their ad. It is better to keep one existing advertiser for one year than to have 12 advertisers who stay only one month because your ad placements are not useful to them.

If you are not sure which ad locations are the best it is very easy, simply imagine you are paying money to advertise on your site.. Where would you want your ad to appear? Then you will know the best ad locations. If you currently use adsense ads on your site, you probably already have put adsense in the best ad locations and that one of the reasons why adsense perform so well, because people give the adsense ads the best locations on their site, at least they try to do that.

Now imagine if instead of adsense blocks you would have direct advertisers, they would be very happy to have prime locations for their ads. That's what you want to offer them, good value for money. Of course if you use both adsense and direct ads, then you want to balance it, so try to really balance it, don't give the direct advertizers a bad deal just because adsense pays more. Maybe adsense pays more BECAUSE you give it constantly the best locations, and if you balance it a little you may find that direct ad sale will perform the same or even better than adsense after 2 or 3 months.

Give yourself the chance to try at least, you can always revert back.


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