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300 tops and counting

I've just realized that I have now written 300 tops. I really like this site and wonder why others don't write here as much.

One of the great things about the site is that you can put a picture where it asks for a URL, or you can put a youtube video. That makes your tops look more professional. Also, you can use HTML in the introduction or the title to make a clickable link.

I always backlink my tops, usually on IMautomator and RedGage. Then many people get to see them.

Hi, congratulations! I think the site could be much more popular if a graphic designer came and changed everything inside as the template, placement of ads and whatnot. The graphic is very important for first impression and on this point best reviewer is so horrible looking.
But that's ok, that's fine, it's better than nothing.

With 300 tops you sure beat me, I'm not even in the TOP 10 best publishers.. The 10th has already more than 100 tops..

I think overall it's fine, because if success would have been greater, like 10,000 unique visitors a day instead of a few thousands like now, then with that traffic also come the problems, technical problems with web hosting, other problems with people who like to make problems, DMCA and many things I'm glad I didn't have to think about yet. :-)

Congratulations for your job on best reviewer, I hope this work has enabled some additional sales, adsense earnings and traffic to your other parts of the web.. And that it will continue, now I think you can relax, sit down, but if you don't like that and prefer to work a lot while you can, that you haven't reach your personal goals, then fine!

On the french site there are also a few members who post in the hundreds, I don't know, I think it's good that some people can have that amount of dedication, regularity. Yes, if you think about it 300 tops is "only" 10 months of posting one top every day.. But try to do something everyday, take on a routine, not so easy.

You have to love writing and then it can be easier to do something like writing articles everyday.. Good luck and thanks.

Tina, you are a trailblazer!!!...You go, girl!!!

Seriously, congratulations on a job well done...I could tell that you are one to watch... :)

I have a side note question, for you or any of you other veteran posters on Best-Reviewer...When I looked at my Adsense report the numbers for money and percent were both red with a negative sign next to them...Have you ever seen anything like that before on Adsense???...

Thanks, WAHM Shelley...

Shelley, adsense is comparing this month's money with last month's money. It's not very informative at this time of the month and I would expect most to be red, but last month by about 20th December everything was green (except HubPages, sigh) which meant that by 20th December I had made more than in November on all my sites (except HP)

You can change the date of the information. You can get today's figures, yesterdays, this month, last month etc

Thanks, Tina...I appreciate your reply...Because I can see from your Amazon profile that you are a very busy lady... :)

WAHM Shelley...

On my adsense account it is set to last 7 days. So it shows changes (green or red) in earnings over the last 7 days. Of course it's not very important because except if you have eternal growth, there is sometimes red, sometimes green. Of course it would be nice if it was always green, but maybe at some point it would be really too much daily earnings.. :-)

Thanks, James...I agree with the other reviewers on here, you are "Tops"!!!...Always very helpful... :)

WAHM Shelley...

Thanks Tina. I am going to put a Youtube video on the next TOPS that I create.

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