3 site ideas for you to do if you dare/care...

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3 site ideas for you to do if you dare/care...

Hi, I have some ideas for new sites but unfortunately I can't make the sites since it involves also promoting them and adding content, managing them, etc. And I simply don't have enough time already with what I have, so adding some more is stupid at the moment, maybe later.
So I give you those ideas, none are original, I mean there are certainly things being done already like those, but it's not like they are sites about weight loss either, the competition would be low in any case and who's afraid of that kind of competition anyway? :-)

Here they are:

1. A site to talk about things that are going to happen. Only talk about things with release date in the future. Such as product releases, movies, events, anniversaries, etc. Things can be as far as one year away, even more for some. But if you read a news about an upcoming something, due to happen or be released in a month, you can add it too. So the look of the site would be like a blog in chronological order, but in fact it would start from today/tomorrow and the next would be further ahead in time, in one week, one month, etc.

2. make a database of products, sites, people, anything and order them (automatically) by similarity. So this will answer such questions as "what site is similar to ..." or "singer like ..." or "same kind of movie as ..."

3. make a platform to put in relation online shops and people. The online shops will offer free products in exchange for actions that they set and revolve around social sharing of the page detailling their offer on your platform. eg. I sell color contact lenses, I give one pair free for anyone sharing the offer page on facebook and liking my fanpage. Each participant must then comment on the offer page and detail the actions they took, then the shop owner can check and get their details to send the gift. Of course shop owners and users must register on the site and a feedback point system will ensure all parties can be trusted.


Now some observations about those sites:

For limited technical skills the easiest is the future news one (#1).

Then with Drupal and the "Similar By Terms" module, the Similar (#2) idea can be achieved quite easily.

Then the Free Gift (#3) idea requires the most work and technical, and promotion to get the first shop owners and people.

The second idea (Similar #2) is good because of many searches for similar products, for instance there's one such site for software called alternativeto.net, and also some automated sites to answer the similar sites question, but this idea could be broadened to include also other things, everything in fact.

The one about the Future News (#1) is quite good because lots of expectations. For instance you could list GTA 5, and tablets, every time you read something with an expected release date you can add it on your site in the proper category, and let the comments open so people can speculate on the exact release date. Then you can modify the page as you get more information, etc. At least the page will have been up for a long time when the time comes closer.


Here you go, that was a short post about 3 ideas I would do if I had the time and motivation, that is if I didn't have already so much on my plates already. Think about those ideas and if you want to comment feel free to do so, I still have time to answer on my own forum :-)

Thanks, James for sharing...

I especially like number 1 and number 2...As you said, number 3 might a bit difficult for a non-hacker like myself...

WAHM Shelley... :)

Sounds interesting...

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Make a platform to put in relation online shops and people is the best idea ever !

Loosing time in anything else is just stupid !


#1 sounds like jUiUj.com
#2 is interesting

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