3. Fake scarcity to sell ads faster

In buysellads interface (or your own if you choose to do direct sales) always keep the available ad spots limited to 1. For instance if you plan to offer 10 ad spot of size 125x125 and you currently have 2 advertisers don't have it look like 8/10 available. But reduce the number to 3 so that it looks like 1/3 available.

That will prompt advertisers to act fast (now) to take the ad spot, since it could be taken by someone else if they wait until tomorrow to decide. When you have a new advertiser, then when you go to buysellads to approve the ad, then change also the maximum so it will look like 1/4 available for the next advertiser.

This is ok when you provide ad spots which are always displayed 100% of the time, it doesn't change anything. But you should not do it (morally) if you choose to have one ad spot where ads are rotated, because having 3 ads in one ad spot is not the same in terms of impressions as having 5 ads in one ad spot.


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